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What is AEGEE?
AE... what?
AEGEE is a student organisation that is present in over 200 university cities all across Europe. Since it is the biggest interdisciplinary student association in Europe, there will also maybebe an AEGEE local in the university city close to you!

Each AEGEE local organizes events to which members can come from any other local. As a member of your nearest AEGEE local you can find out what is going on in other parts of Europe. There are many kind of activities that you can participate in. For example you can participate in summer or winter universities, conferences about all sorts of topics, themed events, local holidays, courses about the environment, public relations, advertising, politics, human rights, telecommunications ...and many other things!

There are over 300 events throughout the year! Have a look for an overview on:
These activities, organized by students for students, creates the special AEGEE spirit!

AEGEE is not a travel agency, it is something much better: these students organise events all over Europe to encourage the European development by participating in activities, breaking cultural barriers and stereotypes, promoting the mobility of young people and providing an environment to discuss the future. There are over 15,000 members!

All activities are organized selflessly. AEGEE is a student association. It is secular, non-profit and not linked to any political party. Want to know more? Enter our website ( and discover, among other things, what the acronym AEGEE means!
Only requirements for membership: be between 18 and 30 years and pay an annual fee which can vary from local to local. The fee is used for example to print the SU Booklets and mantain our offices.

What is Summer University?
What is it?
A Summer University is a summer course offered in most cities where AEGEE is present. These courses are organised on a non-profit basis by AEGEE members, therefore the organization is different for each city.

It can be a language course, a cultural course, it can be sports or traveling. You will meet between 20 and 50 nice students from all over Europe and experience the spirit of AEGEE!

Between 10 and 24 days. The usual duration is two weeks.


There are several types of Summer Universities that you can choose from:

Language Course: organised by one or more AEGEE locals. It lasts 2 weeks and gives the participants a chance to learn a language during at least 16 hours of tuition. The fee of maximum 70 Euro per week includes tuition, lodging, two meals per day, of which at least one is a warm meal, and a social programme.

Language Course Plus: is an intensive language course organised by one or more AEGEE locals. It last 2-3 weeks, participants receive at least 20 hours of intensive language tuition by professional teachers. The fee of max. 90 Euro/ week includes tuition, lodging, two meals per day, of which at least one is a warm meal, and a social programme.

Summer Course: is about a specific local culture related topic that does not focus on learning a language. Participants receive at least 10 hours of tuition. It is organised by one or more AEGEE locals and lasts between 2-3 weeks. The fee of max. 70 Euro/ week includes tuition, lodging, two meals per day, of which at least one is warm meal, and a social programme.

Summer Course cooperation: is a Summer University organised by an AEGEE local in cooperation with a Working Group or Project. Participants receive at least 10 hours of tuition. It lasts between two and four weeks. The fee of 70 Euros/week includes tuition, lodging, two meals per day (of which one is warm) and a social programme.

Travelling Summer University: is usually organised by at least two AEGEE locals. During the 2-3 weeks of cultural trips across Europe, the group visits at least 4 different places. There is no formal tuition provided; the aim of this event is to enjoy the lifestyle and culture of a place.
The fee of max. 90 Euro/ week includes travel costs from the first to the last place mentioned in the programme, lodging, two meals per day, of which at least one is a warm meal, and a social programme.

Summer Event: focusses on cultural exchange. It lasts about 1-2 weeks and gives participants the chance to experience a lot of culture in short time. The fee of max. 70 Euro/ week includes tuition, lodging, two meals per day, of which at least one is warm meal, and a social programme.

Important to remember is that AEGEE Summer University courses are more about interacting with people rather than focussing on serious studying. You will, for example, not receive ECTS for participating. Summer Universities are a chance to increase your international awareness by gaining a deepened knowledge of the country visited and the cultures of the inhabitants.

Destinations this year
You can view all the Summer Universities that are organized this year by clicking here. Also here you have a big map.

The prices (for the average duration of 2 weeks), are:
LC, SC and SE: 140 €
LC + and TSU: 180 €

If the SU lasts longer, or less, the price varies.
The method of payment depends on the SU. You may have to pay 50% in advance and 50% upon arrival, 100% in advance, 100% on arrival...
See "Payment" on the left of each description of a SU to find out how payment should be done for that particular SU.

What’s included in the price?
Accommodation during the whole event.
Meals: Two per day of which at least one is warm. Vegetarian, non-pork food and other special requeriments will be provided.
Transportation during the event, tickets to recreational sites, cultural landmarks, activities, museums ... and everything else included in the program. And of course the parties!

What is not included in the price?
Transportation (plane, train ...) to where you are going to participate in a SU.
Activities not included in the program. Some SU can offer a unique activity for an extra fee (for example, entry to a water park), which is optional anyway.

The dates differ per Summer University. This year there are SUs organised between the 14th of June and the 20th of September. Please check the list of this year SU' ordered by date by clicking here.

It depends on the SU. It may be a hostel, camping, tent, gym, houses of AEGEE members, student flats,... In any case, if you want to know more specifically how is the accommodation, please contact the organizers of the concrete SU.

Things to bring
It depends on the SU. For example, if you sleep in a gym, you have to bring sleeping bag and an (air)mattress. If you go to the beach, bring a swimming suit. If you go to the mountains, you’ll need warm clothes, etc.
During basicly all Summer Universities it is tradition to organize an evening called "European Night," in which each participant prepares typical dishes from their country, or brings a traditional drink from home. Depending on the SU, they will tell you if you can cook there, or if you should just take some non perishable food or drinks.

English and French are the official languages of AEGEE. You will be able to discover that you know more English than you think because you'll be 24 hours a day with about 30 people from across Europe, which necessarily have to communicate in English! It is also a great way to practice your various other languages with native speakers.

Each SU has a different program. Usually every local has a website specifically appointed for their SU where they share lots of details about the program. If a SU has a website, it appears in the left bar in the SU description page.

The minimum number of participants is 15 and maximum 50. The average is 25 places.

The participants come from any of the other AEGEE locals who are scattered across Europe. Normally participants don’t know each other before coming to the SU, so everyone will be eager to make friends with others. What characterizes AEGEE is that people are very open and there is no prejudice about people and where they are coming from.

The SUs are organized by students like you, voluntarily (AEGEE is a non-profit association) and it has nothing to do with a travel agency. You will become friend of the organizers, because they're like you; you'll have fun with them during the day, they will show you their city, sleep in your same accommodation, and go out partying with you...

If you want to enjoy a sun and beach holidays in a luxury resort, this is not for you. If you want an unforgettable holiday with other young europeans like you in, this is what you’ve been looking for!

Motivation letter
You have to make one for each SU you choose (in the application process you will have to choose up to three, in order of preference). In the letter you have to introduce yourself and explain why you want to participate in the Summer University. You have to write it in English, unless you know the language of the country that you want to go to, in which case you can write in that language.

The letter is the means by which the organizers, once shortlisted, accept you as a participant or not, so be original! Remember that the people that will read the letter will be someone like you, so show yourself in a positive and informal way. To start the letter with "Dear Sir Organizer" would therefore make no sense.

Further more, you can guess that a three-line letter is a sure rejection, and two pages are as well. If you are afraid your English isn’t good enough then remember, whoever reads your letter may know even less English than you. So, just write a letter of at least 500 characters to show that you are the ideal participant!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How can be organized an SU with only 140 € per person?
Because each local organizer request grants from universities and public administrations and private companies to obtain low-priced accommodation, cheap meals in restaurants, in kind sponsorships, etc. It is a great and non profit volunteer work that is done by the organizers! In short: to organize any event, AEGEE has three funding sources: annual fees, dues of the specific event (in this case about 140 euros), and grants and sponsorships (of both public institutions and private companies). That is why you're paying less than it would normally cost you.

How can I get in touch with the organizers of a SU?
Once you are looking at the description of the SUs, on the left side there is a section that says "EMail". This is the official email through which you can contact the organization of the SU.

Do I have to travel on my own to the SU?
Yes, you have to travel on your own as far as getting to the starting point of the SU.
A tip: if you are looking at tickets and you see the ticket one day before or the day after the SU starts is cheaper, than maybe it’s fine to buy it, just get into contact with the organizers and they maybe can arrange everything for you to arrive a bit earlier/later. Also, when the list of selected participants is published you may want to contact others to go together if you live close to each other... Once you and the other participants are selected for a SU, the organizers usually create a mailing list or forum where you can communicate with all the participants and organizers. The organizers will send you information on how to pay the fee of the event, how to get there, etc... You must check your email regularly.

Is there a sample letter of motivation?
No, that's what you have to do.

Can I go with a friend to the same SU?
The application process is individual, therefore there is no guarantee that something like this happens, although you can try. If you go on a SU, going to a different country, you learn new things, get to know another culture, another country and people, it is an adventure that you have to discover yourself!

Do I have any obligation regarding AEGEE?
No, AEGEE is a voluntary association. The only requirement is to pay the annual fee. Of course, you're warmly welcome to become an active member in your AEGEE local or on European level.

Do I need to learn English if I want to go away?
English is the official language of AEGEE (together with French). If you don't have a very basic knowledge of English you may find it very difficult to communicate wherever you go. However, you will discover that not everyone has a high level of English, and that you may know more English than you think! And if you want to practice or improve your English... you're in the right place!

Are provided special food requeriments?
Yes. Vegetarian, non-pork food as well as other special menus are provided.

Who makes money with this Project?
NOBODY. The partners of all AEGEE locals are not doing this out of economic interest. For us (active AEGEE members), meeting new people, travel for little money, learn languages, cultures, lifestyles and different mindsets is sufficient payment for the effort we make.

If after all this, you still have any questions, contact us at the following email: suct @

AEGEE is not a travel agency
Finally, remember that from the first until the last person that enables AEGEE has not received any payment in return, it’s being done voluntarily. This includes people that organizes the Summer Universities to which you want to go, people that made the flyers and posters of AEGEE, people maintaining this website, those who gave briefings at the university to come a little closer, those answering emails to your questions, and so an unimaginable amount of people across Europe, whose selfless efforts, make an exciting project, each year more laureate, called AEGEE Summer Universities.

SU Project is now 23 years old!
More than two decades making this amazing project happen. Dive into! :)

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