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  • 17th of April 2014: Changing dates in AEGEE-Nis and AEGEE-Novi Sad TSU "Play hard-Meet Green(s)" and in AEGEE-Las Palmas "Drop the ribs & move those hips! The paradise's lifestyle"
  • 9th of April 2014: Changing dates, programme and cities visited of following SUs: "Think different: Get out of your comfort zone!" by AEGEE-Kyiv, AEGEE-Krakow, AEGEE-Warszawa. The new cities are: Krakow, Zakopane, Kielce and Warszawa and despite the fact that it will take place in Poland, it will be still organized with a great contribution of AEGEE-Kyiv and Academy. The dates are from 4th of July to 18th of July. The fee is 196 euro. "Open your mind" by AEGEE-Bratislava, AEGEE-Lviv. This SU will be officialy organised by AEGEE-Bratislava starting from 31st of July to 7th of August The program is 4 days in Bratislava and 3 days in Poprad. On 7th of August participants can choose whether they continue with Ukrainians and going to Lviv for other 4-5 days or if they come back to Bratislava with AEGEE-Bratislava. The fee is 100 euros (aquapark is included) and there is optional fee to go to Lviv - 80 euro.
  • 28th of March 2014: Change dates of "I'm ready to play, coach Dracula!" (AEGEE-Sibiu&AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca), " Transsiberian Dream vol. 6 – 666 Railway to Hell" (AEGEE-Moskova), "Colours of Anatolia" (AEGEE-Ankara). Website dates are the correct ones.
  • 1st of March 2014: Enjoy the new Suct Website , Feel Free to share us any suggestion and critic.
  • 20th of February 2014: Attention The 25th of February there will be the endline to register the Outgoing Responsible .Fill the form here Outgoing Responsible.Please also check the Guidelines Outgoing Responsible
  • 24th of January 2014: Dear Organizers now all Sus are stored, please check your email for further communications.
  • 15th of December 2013: The website of Summer University project 2014 is now online! Enjoy browsing!
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