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Arts, Creativity and Cooking

Every SU in which participants can have the chance to express themselves through every kind of art: dancing and singing lessons, photography and painting, cooking classes, theatre and acting and every other artistic activity you can think of (be creative!)

Green SU

A green and sustainable event, focused on specific issues like ecocide, sustainable energies or housing, food production. Participants should have the chance to learn something about recycling, environmental issues, how to reduce footprint.

History and local culture

An event to explore the culture of your Antenna or you region. Depending on the topic, you can examine in depth it under different aspects, i.e. from a political, environmental or social perspective.


An event whose main topic is teaching participants the local language(s), through classes but also through fun workshops and games to give them the chance to experiment a non-formal way to learn a language.

Civic Education

The last years have seen a lot of different crises that affected our strongly connected societies, but also the acknowledgement of the European Union as major player for peace and stability by the Nobel Committee. Identify, teach and discuss the issues you find most important and/or create ways to get active and provide solutions or improvements.


Summer is the perfect season for outdoor activities. Your participants can take part in different kinds of sports and create a great group spirit by making them cooperate in teams. Additionally, workshops around various aspects of sports in our society can be organized.


Nonformal education is definitely a core aspect of AEGEE and one of the best experiences you can have. You can organize an European School Summer University (ESSU) together with the AEGEE- Academy or choose your own training focus and create activities around it, in order to create an unforgettable event that will give participants the chance to develop themselves.


Improving the world we are living in while having fun with international friends is for sure one an unforgettable experience! The participants of your Summer University can work together on a social project (that) you can create on your own or cooperating with a local NGO, which we strongly recommend. If you are unsure about how to organize this or how to find possible partner organizations, you can contact SUCT.


Do you want to provide your participants with a bit more summer than university having in mind all members who need to rest after difficult year? You can take your participants to the beach, show them local culture, play games and let them sleep! Just do not forget about including compulsory tuition hours on any chosen topic from topics suggested above or other creative ideas.

Once that you selected your theme, it’s time to decide which type of SU you would like to organise.

Main Coordinator

Find the main organiser from each of organizing antennae. This person is the one making sure that everything goes as it should, motivates the team and takes responsibility in needed cases. Has to submit activity report in the end of the project.

Content Manager

The Content Manager is person in charge of the program and for implementing workshops, cooperations and compulsory sessions. It can be the same person as the Main Coordinator, but we advise you to broaden your team and avoid excessive workloads for critical positions. S/he will be SUCT’s contact person for any information regarding the program.

Incoming Responsible

Person of first contact for all applicants and later on for selected participants. Provides participants with info regarding logistics, confirmations, program and so on.


Person in charge of the budget for whole SU, submitting financial report in the end of the project.

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