Summer University 2017


Fantastic Elections and Where to Observe Them

Organized by AEGEE-Eskişehir

In cooperation with Election Observation Project, Civic Education Working Group

Fantastic Elections and Where to Observe Them Profile Picture
Do you believe in magic? Are you cynical? You shouldn’t be. Magic exists, especially in the lands of Turkey. You will spend two fabulous weeks surrounded by amazing natural sights and crazy people.
Have you ever wondered what lies under the Aegean Sea? As an AEGEEan you will have a chance to explore it by diving deep into nowhere that even you won’t care about going up. Then, only after that point, you will find yourself in a sea of dreams where no one will care about your words.
Also, You will experience how to observe an election right in the middle of where it takes place. You won’t just be an observer, you will be the one who decides. And you will enlighten your perspective about how democracy works. And figure out whether or not Frank Underwood is correct by saying “Democracy is overrated!” Are you ready to push the limits even further with us, are you ready to be the one who tells amazing stories about the summer for months, are you ready to be the one that Gods have been elected, are you ready to learn so much not only about elections, but also our culture, cuisine, mythology, history?
Then, we can’t wait for you to prove us that you can be the one to make everybody feel the same way like you do and see the world like you do!

General Information:

From: Wednesday, July 26th
To: Wednesday, August 9th
Starts in: Eskişehir
Ends in: Kuşadası (Aydın)
Type: Summer Course info_outline
Thematic categories: Civic Education / History and Local Culture
Fee: 196€ info_outline
25 Friends
Accomodation: Gym, Youth Hostel, Student dormitories, tent
Confirmation: Send copy of the ticket AND pay 100% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 40€
Used for: Scuba diving and visiting Ephesus
Alternative: Swimming and free time in the beach or city center
Language: English
Special equipment needed: Sleeping bag and mattress
Suited for disabled people: No


Civic Education and Equal Rights


Phone: +90 5544934488

Our ideal participant:

    We'd like to intvite the people who can get out from their comfort zone and can get along well with sleepless nights. Also we are looking for people who is not only interested in the surface of the earth, but also what lies under it. Are you as beautiful as Afradit? Are you as handsome as Hercules? Can you change the midsets of people like Zeus?


    • Election Observation Training
    • Squba Diving and Boat Tour
    • Visiting the parks,historical houses,Ephesus,Church of the Virgin Mary
    • Pub Crawl
    • City Rally
    • Theatrical Games about mythology
    • Treasure Hunt
    • European Night
    • Hiking
    • Camping
    • Jeep Safari
    • Swimming activites(in sea and waterfall)
    • Competition about mythology
    • Consept Party and other parties in clups
    • Turhish Bath(Hamam)
    • Henna Night
    • Wine Tasting in Şirince Villiage
    • Water Sports

Course Information:

Course: The methodology used will be heterogeneous, together with the use of more “standard” presentations, the teachers will use non formal tools as practical simulations and discussions; thus offering to the participants a considerable space to express their own views and share their own experiences, in a perspective of learning by doing.
Timetable: Half or whole days of workshops or other activities related to the topic
Course level: Beginner
Course given by: Rocco Giovanni Dibiase, Zahia Guidoum Castiblanque, Ben Jones,Evrim Emiroğlu
Equipment: No specific equipment is required for the SU modules concerning the Election Observation contents, a part from a good internet connection and some boxes/chairs/tables/flipchart; to be recruited locally for the practical simulations.
Supported by University: No

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The name Eskişehir means Old City in Turkish. Indeed the city was founded by the Phrygians about 1000 BC. The city is located on the banks of the Porsuk River, 792 m above sea level, where it overlooks the fertile Phrygian Valley. In the nearby hills one can find hot springsEskişehir is an old, culturally developed province of Turkey. It has a population of about 700,000. Eskişehir has 2 universities, Eskişehir Osmangazi University ESOGU, and Anadolu Üniversitesi, which is the largest university in Turkey and which has some branch offices in Europe.Eskişehir is internationally known as the source of Meerschaum, a white foamy stone which is used for smoking pipes with detailed carvings. It is called “lületaşı” in Turkish.

Kaz Mountains (Ida Mountains)

Kaz Daglari ( Kaz Mountains ) or Mount Ida is 1,774m high and above the Gulf of Edremit. Once known as the home of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses where they charmed, seduced, tricked, married and betrayed one another.

This area is important for its natural environment its history and culture. Kaz Mountains has one of the highest oxygen ratios in the world with the Swiss Alps having the highest and which is generated by the wind blowing from its northern edges, blending with the oxygen from the dense flora and then iodine coming from the sea on its south-side.

The Mount separates the Aegean and Marmara regions and the land and sea climate offers a diversity of biological element’s, is rich in fauna and flora, it has 100s of natural springs and a large wildlife population; the area has been declared a National Park.There are many birds such as falcon, hawk, kestrel and raven. During migration periods it is an important stop over place for quail, partridge, blackbird and pheasant and bears, wolves and deer can also be seen here.

Ayvalık / Cunda Island

Ayvalık is a seaside town on the northwestern Aegean coast of Turkey.The town center of Ayvalık is surrounded by the archipelago of Ayvalık Islands, which face the nearby Greek island of Lesbos. It is situated on a narrow coastal plain surrounded by low hills to the east which are covered with pine and olive trees.Ayvalık and its environs are famous for the highly appreciated quality of olive oil production, which provides an important source of income for the local population.[7]Ayvalık has many islets and the largest and most important of these islets is Cunda Island (Alibey Island) which is connected to Lale Island, and thence to the mainland, by a bridge and causeway built. This is the oldest bridge in Turkey that connects lands separated by a strait. Both Ayvalık and Cunda Island are famous for their seafood restaurants which are located immediately at the seashore.Ayvalık also has two of the longest sandy beaches of Turkey which are the Sarımsaklı and Altınova beaches. In recent years, Ayvalık has also become an important point of attraction for scuba divers with its underwater fauna.


Kusadasi, which means "bird island", is set in a superb gulf in the Aegean region of Turkey and is known for its turquoise sparkling water of the Sea , broad sandy beaches, bright sun and large marina with a capacity for 600 boats. A glorious ancient city stands beside it, Ephesus with hundreds of thousands of visitors from tours each year. Numerous holiday villages and hotels line its shores and hundreds of restaurants serves food from all around the world and, of course, Turkish Cuisine .There are also many hostels , discos, bars, cafes and pubs. Kusadasi is living parallel to Ephesus in history and the settlements around it and the beaches close to town tend to get quite crowded during summer.