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Official start of the Borderless Europe Essay Contest. Contribute with your ideas to a Borderless Europe:

Mr Schoenherr (AEGEE-Visa Freedom Fighter) asked at the conference in Alba-Julia Mr P. Roman, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania, if Romania wants to join the United States of America or the EU
as there are no visa regulations for citizens of the US while there are for EU citizens. Mr Roman announces that Visa regulation for EU citizens will be removed from 1st of December on. But this is also depending on the upcoming elections in Romania. Big complaints were addressed by the participants against the Italian Embassies in Eastern European countries, that are not working efficient. Students burnt their old passports in protest against the visa regulations of the EU towards citizens of the pre-accession country Romania.

At the conference in Szeged (HUN) Mr Szent Itvdnyi, President of the Paliamentary Commission of Foreign Affairs of Hungary complained towards the EU that in their strategy there is no first Enlargement round without Poland. Through this, all other pre-accession countries are depending on the developments in Poland. Furthermore he stressed, that in the Enlargement process the EU is sometimes applying higher criteria to the pre-accession states, than to their own member states.

The new webpages of the project have been launched. If you have any comments, feedback, send it to

The Borderless Europe Rally endedin Bruxelles. "I encountered more borders than I ever imagined, concludes Fanny Ropiteau, from France. "Living and travelling without problems in the Schengen Area I nearly forgot that there are still a lot of borders in Europe. There is still a long way to go before reaching a Borderless Europe." There are good reasons for existing borders, but the Schengen agreement proves, that it is possible to overcome them. During their journey the participants met a lot of people that are open for a more Borderless Europe:

The conference "Europe of 15+" in the European Parliament in Bruxelles (B) marked the official beginning of the Borderless Europe project. At the conference Mr. J.M. Wiersma (MEP) remarked that the borders of the European Union are indeed impermeable. He expressed his concern that the enlargement of the European Union will result in the erection of a new wall in eastern Europe and create a new socio-economic division, which will threaten the stability of Europe. According to Wiersma this will create tensions, especially with Russia. Therefore we have to consider the consequences of shifting borders, and act in the interest of Europe as a whole. We have to promote an open approach, so eventually countries such as Belarus and the Ukraine can join. Prof. J. Pelkmans, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies, underlined this statement by adressing the protectionist EU labour laws. Pelkmans gave a negative answer to the question "Are the Hordes Coming?" arguing that workers from CEE countries cannot compete on the western labour market because of the host country control systems: Free movement of workers in the Union is very unfree! Consequently, even inside the Fortress borders do exist: