In the travel diary of a European author of the last century, we could find a place where he mentions having had as the only document while travelling all around Europe: his business cards.

The idea of business cards as passports today, seems to be as far and unreal as the idea of Borderless Europe.

Is it possible to make that dream come true? Which path do we have to follow in order to achieve it? These questions we had in our minds at the beginning of the Borderless Europe Yearplan Project 2000.

Feel free to browse through the pages of the project. Check the calendar of events, look at different projects taking place all around Europe, and see whether you would like to participate. Keep yourself up-to-date with the results. Read about the experiences the participants of the Borderless Europe Rally had on their 8000 km trip crossing more than 20 borders. Find practical links in the link area, which can actually help you to cross borders.

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