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Planning Meeting in Katowice
with special regard to Southeastern Europe

The delegates of the spring Agora in Utrecht decided "Stability in the Balkans" to be a yearplan topic of the association for 2001. Now there will be a special workshop lasting for 9 hours during the "Planning Meeting" of our Association which will take place March 2 - 4 in Katowice, Poland.  In a special workshop we will discuss AEGEE's aims and strategies concerning Southeastern Europe.

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Currently 14 students from Serbia and Kosovo study at different universities in the Netherlands and in Germany. This was achieved with the AEGEE project "Education for Democracy". Dutch and German AEGEE members arranged scholarships for them and organise a special seminar programme.

May 11 - 15 2000 AEGEE Skopje invited various Students' NGOs from Southeastern Europe for the Congress "BalkanIdea". There it was agreed upon the development of a network of Balkan Youth NGOs.


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March 30 - April 2 2000, the Conference organised by AEGEE's International Politics Working Group (IPWG) brought together graduate students from all over Europe and Northern America at Central European University in Budapest.  A result book will be published by Spring 2001.







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