Ideas of events

Idea 1: You can organize language courses. You can teach your own language to  exchange students in your university. However you can also invite some of them to give an introduction course of their language for local students. In case there are regional minority languages within your area, it would be great to integrate them in the program. The more languages are being taught, the more you contribute to Europe’s linguistic diversity!

Idea 2: Organise a debate in your local about language policy in Europe. Here are some questions you may touch:

  • How it should be dealt with linguistic minorities within your area?
  • How should immigrants be stimulated to learn the local language?
  • Which language should be chosen as a language of instruction in the universities: English or national language?
  • Is the increasing usage of English a threat to national and regional languages? Do you accept the privileged position of English native speakers, or do you want a more  democratic solution?

Idea 3: Watch movies in less known languages with subtitles instead of dubbing. Open  source subtitles are available on several internet sites.

Idea 4: Whatever you can imagine! Please share with us your wonderful ideas!

More ideas for events can be found in the  guidelines that the the Language Interest Group has prepared for you! Get inspired!

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