Language games

Here are some ideas for language games:

1. Words in different languages

Pick the word, preferably of common use like “Hello”,  “Thank you”, “Water”, “Sky” and so on. Participants should say it in as many languages as they know. They should do it in turn, the one who fails, leaves the circle. The one who remains the last is the winner.
You can adjust this game to a team as well, when the team instead of individual should give a translation. In teams it turns to be evene more interesting and useful since members can share experience and knowledge.

2. Translate the name!

Pick the name of famous person and turn it into your mother tongue. For example,Tom Cruise in Italian –> Tommaso Crociera.

History of the game: it was common in Italy under Mussolini because of xenophobic policies, that ended up often with really silly translations, and now it’s a kind of funny game.

3. Find the order

To find out the right order of the words in an expression written in a foreign language.

4. Guess the language

To guess a particular language form the pronunciation of it.

5. Pub quiz

Let’s play a game! What’s the estimated number of languages inthe world? Can you say the word “friend” in at least 5 languages? How many working adults of the EU28 stated that they know a foreign language? Test your knowledge about interesting language related facts in the LIG pub quiz and get ready for surprises! (find everything you need for the pub quiz here)

More ideas for events can be found in the  guidelines that the the Language Interest Group has prepared for you! Get inspired!



Also you can invent some kind of passwords to enter each of your tandem events- every time the different one. It can be a word or a sentence in one of the languages. You spread it among the possible participants before the meeting and then they have to learn and present it while entering the meeting room.

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