How to organize EDL

It is quite easy!

All what you need is a couple of motivated friends – the team, some creativity, and a passion for languages!

Set the date of the event, find the place, and develop the program that will fascinate not only local, but also international students in your comunity!

By the way, European Day of Languages in AEGEE is set to be on the one Thursday before the last in November every year. The exactly date is announced by Language Interest Group in AEGEE community. However, it is not necessary to keep within this date, you are welcome to pick any other date which is convenient for you and your local. Also EDL activities may last not only for one day, but several days, weeks and even months.

Last but not least, do not forget to inform Language Working Group about your EDL plans at

or in our Facebook group for AEGEE EDL’15.

May your EDL celebration be succesful, remarkable and brings lots of fun to you and all participants!


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