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AEGEE Election Observation provides a youth perspective on elections in Europe. We do this by deploying young people on election observation missions to specifically assess youth engagement.

This is important because…


– Vision –

Young people are underrepresented in elections across Europe. We aim to understand why.

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In elections in Europe, young people vote less than other age groups, and young candidates are few in comparison to young people’s share of the electorate. For the future of democracy in Europe, this is a worrying development: If young people are not committed to elections today, what will our democratic societies look like tomorrow?

While a vast amount of research is produced addressing this phenomenon in different countries and elections, what is still missing in the picture is a unified, comparative perspective across European states and their elections.

It is this perspective AEGEE Election Observation aims to provide.


– Mission –

AEGEE Election Observation provides a comparative assessment of youth engagement in elections in Europe – by young people, for young people.

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For every national parliamentary election in Europe, AEGEE Election Observation does four things:

  1. We run a survey among young people explaining (a) their intention to participate in the election and (b) their reasons behind these intentions.

  2. We conduct an Election Observation Mission asking national stakeholders to explain the survey findings and provide suggestions for improvement.

  3. Based on these insights, we publish a national report for every election formulating recommendations on how to enhance youth engagement.

  4. The raw data on youth participation as voters and candidates is fed into our Youth in Election Index, mapping developments across European countries over time.


AEGEE Election Observation aims to become a leading expert on youth engagement in elections in Europe.