Call for Mission Coordinators – Mission to the Parliamentary Elections in Hungary (8 April 2018)

AEGEE Election Observation looks for three young people to lead the upcoming Election Observation Mission to the Parliamentary Elections in Hungary scheduled for 8 April 2018.

The Mission analyses the conditions for the participation of youth in the Elections. Our election observation methodology is generally inspired by the one applied by OSCE/ODIHR and the European Union. However, building on AEGEE Election Observation’s added value which is its experience in youth issues, our research, observation and assessment focus on the participation of youth in the process, analysing the conditions for young people to engage in the Elections as voters, candidates, party members, actors in civic advocacy and campaigning, journalists, election administration or support staff, and observers. In its Final Report on the Elections, the Mission will provide policy advice to stakeholders by giving recommendations on the best possible way to promote and foster youth participation in the country’s future elections, including throughout the pre-electoral and the post-electoral periods.

Positions consist of an appointment for a period of four months, with the first month designated to prepare the Mission and complete preliminary research; the second to select and instruct the mission’s observers; the third to conduct the deployment of the Mission and finalise the Final Report on the Elections; and the fourth to round up the Mission (result-sharing as well as administrative and partnership aspects). Mission Coordinators are expected to be available for all four months.


The Election Observation Mission to the Parliamentary Elections in Hungary will be deployed from 4 April to 10 April (six nights), with Election Day being 8 April 2018. Mission Coordinators are required to arrive in Budapest at least one day prior to the first deployment day (3 April 2018 at the latest) for preparation activities and are expected to be present in Hungary throughout the Mission.

The three different positions open are:

  • Coordinator for General Management and Logistics (MC1),

  • Coordinator for Partnerships, Outreach and Visibility (MC2), and

  • Coordinator for Research and Reporting (MC3).


  • MC1: Assures the overall Mission management and serves as main focal point to the observers. This includes, but is not limited to: Maintaining a regular communication with the observers, compiling a Mission Guide for them and preparing their in-country briefing and debriefing (including relevant material), organising the logistics of the Mission (accommodation, transportation, meeting spaces) in Budapest and throughout Hungary for E-Day deployment, preparing the E-Day deployment plan, supporting MC2 and MC3 in the completion of their task whenever necessary.

  • MC2: Serves as main focal point to partners, stakeholders, media, and any other electoral actors with whom the Mission will interact. This includes, but is not limited to: securing accreditation for the Mission, identifying key interlocutors and arranging meetings with actors relevant to the Elections and its assessment (party representatives and candidates, election administration, political stakeholders, youth organisations, members of academia, election observation experts), liaising with media and providing for a steady visibility and a timely outreach strategy.

  • MC3: Leads the compilation of the Final Report and of any additional substantive documents produced by the Mission and serves as main focal point to the Team regarding the collection of information, analysis and reporting on the Elections. This includes, but is not limited to: Contributing to the preliminary research on the Elections, coordinating research tasks distributed to observers, providing guidance and advice to them, drafting the Final Report processing own and observers’ findings, drafting press releases, adapting election observation forms, reviewing E-Day observations, compiling and finalising the Final Report.



To be considered for one of the three Mission Coordinator positions, candidates must:

  • not hold citizenship of Hungary,

  • be at least 18 and not more than 35 years old throughout the appointment,

  • be fluent in English; knowledge of Hungarian would be an asset,

  • be available to commit to the Mission for a period of four months,

  • be available to attend the entire deployment period of the Mission in person.

Desired competencies

  • have at least basic experience in project management and international teamwork,

  • take interest in the topic of youth participation and be familiar with the context of the Elections; prior election observation experience would be an asset,

  • have sufficient free time throughout the Mission,

  • be swift and reliable in day-to-day online communication,

  • have organisational skills, attention to detail, dedication, and the ability to stick to deadlines.


Conditions of appointment

In general, AEGEE Election Observation Missions are organised on a 100% voluntary basis and do not involve any remuneration. However, funding is sought for the reimbursement of travel and Mission-related expenses, and basic accommodation is provided.

MCs work in close collaboration with the Team of AEGEE Election Observation and report to two Mission Directors within the Team. In addition to selecting observers, MCs appoint national Local Coordinators (LCs) who support the deployment of the Mission on the ground. MC1 and MC2 work in close collaboration with the LCs upon their appointment.

Please note that the workload of these positions consists of approximately 10 hours per week, which increases to approximately 20 hours per week in the two weeks before and the two weeks after the deployment of the Mission. During the one week long deployment, the workload further increases to amount to full-day position, with particularly long working hours on E-Day and the two days before and after E-Day.

MCs receive a certificate of recognition upon successful completion of their appointment.

Application procedure

Apply here by 1 February 2018, 23:59 CET. We encourage you to apply earlier as applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. It is possible to submit applications for different positions; however, we encourage you to apply for the position that best suits your skillset. Candidates who previously served as STOs or in any other position related to past AEGEE Election Observation Missions are particularly encouraged to apply.

For any questions related to application procedures or conditions of appointment, please contact Noemi Arcidiacono at

AEGEE Election Observation looks forward to your application!