BrnoAEGEE Election Observation offers you the opportunity to lead the upcoming AEGEE Election Observation Mission to the Czech Parliamentary elections of 20-21 October 2017 as one of three Mission Coordinators.

Our Mission will be deployed from 17 to 23 October (six nights), with Election Day being Friday, 20 and Saturday, 21 October 2017. The Mission Coordinators (MCs) are required to arrive at least one day earlier (i.e. October 16) for preparation activities.

Three different positions are open: Coordinator for general management and logistics (MC1), Coordinator for outreach, communication and visibility (MC2), and Coordinator for research (MC3).

The respective tasks include the following:

  • MC1: in charge of overall mission management: regular communication with the observers, Election-day deployment plan, logistics (accommodation, transportation, meeting space) – in cooperation with Local Coordinators and Directors of Missions;

  • MC2: in charge of mapping and arranging meetings with electoral stakeholders (party candidates, election administration, youth organisations, election observation experts), liaison with local partners, visibility, media communication and outreach, accreditation, and fundraising – in cooperation with Local Coordinators and Directors of Missions;

  • MC3: in charge of coordinating research tasks by observers, drafting of final report and press releases, adapting election observation forms to electoral procedures – in cooperation with Directors of Missions.

Necessary qualifications

  • have experience in project management and international teamwork;

  • be familiar with the context of the elections; prior election observation experience is an asset;

  • have sufficient time in the three months preceding the Mission (1-2 hours a day, likely more in busy weeks);

  • dispose swiftness and reliability in day-to-day online communication;

  • have great organisational skills, attention to details, dedication, and ability to stick to deadlines.

Eligibility criteria

  • be at least 18 and not more than 35 years old;

  • hold no Czech citizenship;

  • have a professional fluency in English; knowledge of Czech is an asset;

  • be available to attend the entire Mission in person;

  • be available to work on the final report after the end of the Mission.

In general, our Missions are organised on a 100% voluntary basis and do not involve any remuneration and funding for travel and accommodation.


Please apply here before Wednesday 2 August, 23:59 CET. We encourage you to apply early as applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

In case of questions, please contact our Directors in charge of the mission, Julia Krebs and Charlotte Wagenaar

We look forward to your application!

Post Author: Thomas Leszke