The Agora Election Observation Mission to the Bosnian General Election of 2 October 2022 is already taking its final shape. It is our pleasure to introduce our three Coordinators who took up and embraced challenging tasks.

Coordinator of Logistics – Monja Rinderle (Germany)

I am Monja from Germany and currently doing a master’s degree in political science at University of Cologne. I am excited to join the AEO Election Observation Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina as a logistic coordinator. I have already gained great experiences with AEO (formerly AEGEE) as short-term observer in missions to Poland (2019) and Slovakia (2020), which is why I am now very motivated to help organise a mission. 

The EOMs are great opportunities to meet and connect with other committed youth from all over Europe working for a democratic future. Elections are a cornerstone of democracy and I thus believe that election observation can contribute to safeguarding the integrity of electoral processes, which – more broadly – contributes to the persistence of democracy. 

I am very much looking forward for the weeks to come and the work with the other mission coordinators and team members of AEO, as well as with observers, local coordinators, interpreters, and civil society organisations during the mission.

Coordinator of Outreach – Ellena Knorr (Germany)

My name is Ellena, I am from Germany, but currently based in Budapest, Hungary. Presently, I am finishing my Master studies in International Relations, Governance and Public Policy. During my studies and during internships I formed an interest in electoral processes, election observation and furthermore the Balkan Region, especially regarding the accession of the West Balkan countries to the EU. For my Master’s thesis, I am currently doing research on the EU’s foreign policy strategy regarding the EU-West Balkan enlargement. 

Through work experiences alongside my studies, I have grown very fond of the topic of youth participation in politics. I strongly believe that youth participation is vital for a democratic society. All over the world, democracies and elections are increasingly challenged. Therefore, it is essential for the youth to actively participate in democratic and electoral processes to exercise their democratic rights, create positive change and have their voices heard. During the Election Observation Mission in Bosnia, I am very much looking forward to work with the Agora Team and Observers from all over Europe and to build bridges between the European youth as we unite in the effort of promoting the political rights and freedoms which are linked to the election processes. 

Coordinator of Research – Joanna Kaufhold (Germany/Poland)

I am Joanna Kaufhold from Germany, and I am glad to join the Agora Election Observation Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina as Research Coordinator. Currently, I am finishing my Master’s degree in International Relations and Development Cooperation at the University of Duisburg-Essen with a study focus on the democratic development in the Western Balkans and work for the German Evaluation Institute for Development Cooperation as a student research assistant.
Being a part of the Agora Election Observation Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an exciting experience as a social scientist and a unique opportunity to better understand the dynamics of power-sharing states. My work with the non-governmental and multi-ethnic youth organization “COD Jajce” in central Bosnia last year sparked my enthusiasm for the political entanglements in the country. In particular, the greater involvement of the young population in electoral processes plays a central role in consolidating and legitimizing a democratic order and thus shapes the future of a country. I would like to promote this in the best possible way with my work.
I am very much looking forward to working with the Agora Election Observation team, the local and international stakeholders and all supporters of the mission.

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