Mission to Slovakia – Meet the Mission Coordinators!

The AEGEE Election Observation Mission to the Slovak parliamentary election of 29 February 2020 is already taking form. It is our pleasure to introduce our three Mission Coordinators who took up their tasks this week.

Mission Coordinator 1 – Evgeny Shaulskiy

I am Evgeny from Russia and currently live in Moscow (Russia) and Minsk (Belarus).
I have a university degree from Moscow in Philology and Scandinavian languages and have worked as a language teacher and interpreter in Moscow for several years in the past and after that as an adviser at a diplomatic mission and independent consultant for the OSCE/ODIHR. This year I also received a Master’s degree in Political Science and International Relations in Moscow/Manchester, where I did research on recent political developments in Eastern Europe and the Balkans.
I have been involved in international election observation in various roles since 2011 and taken part in a number of EOMs, most recently as STO in North Macedonia and local assistant in Belarus in 2019. I am excited to join the AEGEE EOM to Slovakia as Mission Coordinator and look forward to coming to Slovakia in 2020 and working with other observers, local coordinators, and election
stakeholders during the mission.

Mission Coordinator 2 – Wiktorija Wislowska

I was first drawn to the opportunity of election observation a little over a year ago as a Short-Term
Observer with OSCE-ODIHR in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After that, I was observing elections in North Macedonia and most recently in the UK. This is my first mission with AEGEE and I am looking forward to observing the upcoming election in Slovakia and to develop a better understanding of youth engagement in electoral processes, all the more so for the purpose of my research study on the topic.
I have a master’s degree in International Relations from Lviv and in East European Studies from Warsaw. I am currently based in Warsaw where I enjoy working and living with my husband and my dog.

Mission Coordinator 3 – Oleksandra Garshyna

My name is Oleksandra. I am from Ukraine, but currently residing in Warsaw, Poland.
I hold a Master Degree in Public Policy, jointly awarded by Barcelona Institute of International Studies and Central European University. During my studies, I was specialized in Global Public Policy with an emphasis on policy-making and problem-solving in a range of international contexts.
My professional interests are focused on human rights. That is why I am excited to be a mission coordinator of AEGEE EOM, as the right to vote and to stand for election is a core component of an environment that protects and promotes human rights. I have previously participated in OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Mission to Ukraine 2019, acting as a Senior Media Analyst Assistant. Besides that, I also possess experience working as a domestic election observer.