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A typical Election Observation Mission in our project has the following structure:

Online training
In advance of the Mission, all selected observers carry out a special online training in order to be prepared for their task.

Preparation in the country
• All observers arrive to the country three days before election day (which is usually Sunday).

• The two remaining days (Friday and Saturday) are reserved for teambuilding, briefings by local experts, preparatory meetings, and logistical planning


• All observers team up in pairs. If necessary, a local interpreter accompanies them.

• Every "observer couple" has a separate schedule (with 5 polling stations on average) which is strictly followed.

• Observers attend all stages of the election process (opening, voting, closing, counting, registering), which usually means getting up at 06:00 and coming home late at night.

• Observers are provided with the necessary materials and forms to document their observations in all detail.

• Where election day falls on a Sunday, observers arrive on Thursday and leave on Monday afternoon.

• Observers book their own tickets according to their own preferences.

• Accommodation in the country is arranged by the Mission Coordinators.


• Currently, the Project does not have the financial means to reimburse travel costs. This means that observers will have to book their own tickets.

• Accommodation is provided for free unless communicated otherwise. Printed materials are provided by AEGEE-Europe.

To get a more detailed and colourful impression of what it means to be an election observer on one of our Missions, see the reports from our previous Missions that were written by young people like you!