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Marina Blagojevic



Professor Marina Blagojevic earned an undergraduate diploma in 1982 and received a M.S. in Philosophy and Sociology in 1989 at the University of Belgrade. She completed her Ph.D. at the University of Belgrade in 1990 (Dissertation: Social Status of Women Professionals in Yugoslavia.) Before joining the Program on Gender & Culture at the Central European University in 1998, Prof. Blagojevic worked as an Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology and the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

She was the President of the Sociological Association of Serbia, and the Director of the Institute for Sociological Research, Belgrade. She was a Co-Founder, a Member of the Board and a professor of the Womenıs Studies Center, Belgrade. At present she is an Appointed Member of the Editorial Board of East Central Europe, a journal co-published by the CEU and Collegium Budapest. Her recent research projects focus on Kosovo, Hungarian and Serbian relations in Hungary, and institution building in Eastern and Central Europe.

Prof. Blagojevicıs major fields of interest are the sociology of gender and the sociology of inter-ethnic relations, and she has published numerous articles in these fields in Serbian, English and German. She was the editor of the book Towards Visible Womenıs History: Womenıs Movement in Belgrade in the 90s (published in 1998), and she is the author of Parenthood in Serbia in the 90s (published in 1997) as well as other books concentrating on the situation of women in the family and migration in the former Yugoslavia.

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