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star Welcome to this older AEGEE Summer University website. AEGEE, one of the largest European Student Associations, aims with its Summer Universities at cross-cultural integration of students.
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starThis website is a reflection of the past and is not longer updated. The offical AEGEE Summer University website is here

star In 1997 AEGEE-Eindhoven started with the SU webpages. At that point internet was not so common yet, but it was quickly gaining popularity. In the first 1 or 2 years we just copied the data from the Summer University booklet and added pictures ourselves. In 1999 the summer university information started being posted on the AEGEE Karlsruhe webserver with dynamic webpages being hosted from the famous lotus notes webserver that was supported by Philip von Klitzing. Since our SU webpages where static, they were a bit faster to browse through. From then onwards I automated the process where I would download all the lotus notes SU pages every few day, load the data in a small database and then export it to our Eindhoven SU webpage. There was quite a bit of manual work involved and I was able to do that until 2005, when I visited my last summer university in Serbia.
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