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All about AEGEE
What is AEGEE?
  • AEGEE stands for Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe (European Students' Forum).
  • AEGEE is a student organisation that is present in almost 200 university cities in 40 countries all across Europe. Since it is the biggest interdisciplinary student association in Europe, maybe there will be also an AEGEE local(antenna) in the university city close to you! Browse the list of AEGEE locals or see the map of AEGEE locals!
  • Each AEGEE local organizes events to which members can come from any other local. As a member of your nearest AEGEE local you can find out what is going on in other parts of Europe. There are many kind of activities that you can participate in. For example you can participate in summer or winter universities, conferences about all sorts of topics, themed events, local holidays, courses about the environment, public relations, advertising, politics, human rights, telecommunications ...and many other things!
  • There are over 300 events throughout the year! Have a look for an overview on: These activities, organized by students for students, creates the special AEGEE spirit!
  • AEGEE is not a travel agency, it is something much better: these students organise events all over Europe to encourage the European development by participating in activities, breaking cultural barriers and stereotypes, promoting the mobility of young people and providing an environment to discuss the future. There are over 13,000 members!
  • All activities are organized selflessly. AEGEE is a student association. It is secular, non-profit and not linked to any political party. Want to know more? Enter our website ( and discover more! Only requirement for membership (varies from local to local): paying the membership fee. The fee is used for example to print the SU Booklets and mantain our offices.
The Summer Universities of AEGEE

The Summer University Project was born in 1988 with the intention to promote the European Integration. This project is the main tool of AEGEE to attain this difficult but fascinating target. Since that time, it has been continuing every year with the participation of more than 120 antennae. Please find all the information here!

Working Groups and Projects

Many Summer Universities this year are under collaboration with some Working Groups and Projects. Therefore, here you have a short description of each of them. In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact them!

Working Groups

AEGEE-Academy (Human Resources WG)

The main aim of the Academy, since its foundation in 1999, is to develop and strengthen the human resources of AEGEE and to stimulate the motivation of its members. It supports the personal development of AEGEE members by providing a diversity of training courses and co-ordinating a mentorship system. AEGEE-Academy, more (attr)active than ever! Check it in its new blog:

Environmental WG

Environmental WG, the youngest WG, is one of the most active ones. It is a forum to discuss, work and learn about everything related to our environment: energy, cities and urban development, recycling, climate change, biodiversity, sustainable development, efficiency, water etc. It is open to people with knowledge and people with curiosity. More info: and

Education WG

EWG is the meeting point for students who are interested in European integration in the field of Higher Education. EWG develops actions connected with topics as Bologna process, non-formal education and students’ mobility programmes. We fight to include the students’ voice in the European Higher Education decision process. Contact us: More info:

Dance WG

You love AEGEE!? You love dancing!? Let’s combine them! Dance WG is inviting you to join the most dynamic WG of AEGEE! Learn & Teach different dance styles, organize pre-events & post-events for Agoras and EBMs, perform on stages during Openning Ceremonies of Agoras. Cooperate with Dance WG and we’ll color your SUs with hiphop, salsa, latin dance workshop. “Dance is passion... like AEGEE”. Contact us:

International Politics WG

IPWG is... a group of AEGEE members that are interested in international affairs; provides a forum, where students have an opportunity to exchange ideas with other students from all over Europe on the above-mentioned topics; organizes debates, conferences, training courses and seminars in order to inform the network about political topics and empower members to carry out successful AEGEE activities by providing them with the necessary tools and know-how.

Culture WG

Lord Raglan said–"Culture is roughly anything we do and monkeys don't." Do you agree? No matter how you see it, you’re in the right place! For 15 years CWG has gone deeper where others just scratch the surface. Arts, traditions, multiculturalism. Now, we dare you to seek culture in ALL SUs! No matter you are, experience the culture! Share your traditions, your roots and more! CWG –Highlight Europe in your way! (


Where Does Europe End?

Founded and carried out by members of AEGEE, the project aims to examine the physical and mental borders of Europe in people's perception.The name of the project does not only refer to a geographical context, but in a wider sense addresses the limitations and constraints European cooperation and integration are facing today and tomorrow. The project aims to open a debate also in AEGEE to create a stronger network.

Higher Education Days

HED is a European project of AEGEE that deals especially with Bologna process and non-formal education. It aims to encourage students to become more involved in the Higher Education decision making process; giving them the chance to influence this process with their ideas and solutions. You can contact us at: More info in: or google us in Facebook and Twitter.

European Day of Languages

The European Day of Languages (EDL) is an AEGEE-project dedicated to the multilingualism, as act of using and promoting the intercultural communication and use of multiple languages. From 2001 year EDL’ Action Day is celebrated yearly by many locals. EDL’s subprojects are Travel Dictionaries, Teacher Exchange Programme etc. We always ready to support the events and ideas connected with languages!

European Year of Volunteering

The EYV 2011 is an official initiative by the European Commission, promoting volunteering activities throughout the European Union. The AEGEE European Year of Volunteering Coordination team facilitates EYV activities in the Network in 2011. Its main activities are: EYV tour, Journalist relay, EYV Alliance Working Group. For more info send an email to: or visit