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Application & Procedures
Join an AEGEE local

To be able to apply for a Summer University you need to be a member of an AEGEE local. For example, if you study in Madrid, your local would be AEGEE-Madrid. You can find the list of locals here. If there's not a local in your city, you can try to contact a local near your city. The procedure to become a member of a local varies from city to city, please find the contact details in the link below and ask your local.

Get a User Account

Once you are member of an AEGEE local, you are an AEGEE member with all rights, therefore you can have an AEGEE-Europe Intranet Account.

Common problems with the sign up form:

  • Antenna is your AEGEE local (AEGEE-Madrid in our example).
  • The Card Number field can be left empty. Some years ago, all AEGEE members needed a plastic card with a number to be a member, that's not necessary anymore.

Once you have completed the form and clicked on "Sign Up", an email will be sent to you to confirm your email address. Once you confirm your email address, your local will receive an email informing that you have signed up in the AEGEE-Europe Intranet.

Your local will have to validate your Intranet account (this can take some hours or a few days depending on the load of work of your local). Don't leave things for the last minute!
Once you have been accepeted by your local, you will receive an email with your username and password.
Now you have an Intranet account and can apply for a SU!

Fill in Application Form & Application Procedure

The official website of the Summer University Project is Go there and log in with your AEGEE-Europe Intranet account. Then click on "Fill in Application Form" under "Applications & Procedures".

In the first step you'll review your personal data from your Intranet account. If something is not correct, please change it. Here also you'll have to write your previous AEGEE experience (if any) and describe how would be your ideal Summer University.

Then you have to choose up to three Summer Universities in order of preference.

In the second step you'll have to write a different motivation letter for each of the SU's you chose in the previous step. Also some organisers ask some extra questions apart from the motivation letter. This will be the main factor to be chosen in a Summer University, therefore be creative! Always remember that it's also a student like you who is going to read your letter. Don't be too formal. Here we give you some hints:

  • Explain why you want to go to this SU.
  • What do you like of the program of this SU?
  • Have you already been to this city?
  • What do you expect from this SU?
  • Have you ever participated in other voluntarily project similar (or not) to this SU?
  • Why should I be chosen over other applicants?

In the last step you'll view a summary of your application. You can edit it at any time by clicking in "Fill in Application Form" in the top menu.

Why can you choose up to three Summer Universities?

If you select only one SU, your motivation letter will go directly to this SU in the preselection stage. It doesn't matter if this SU has received 30 or 300 applications. On the other hand, if you have selected more than one SU in order of preference, your motivation letter will go to the SU where you'll have more chances to get chosen upon. The preselection process will be made automatically by a computer (no human intervention! don't ask us!) upon the following criteria to make a balanced SU: gender, age, nationality and antenna.

Please, read "Timeline" to see an overview of all the process with very detailed explanations.


Below you'll find the official deadlines of the project. Note: All dates are given in Central European Summer Time!

As an applicant, you will go through different statuses in each stage. These are explained when you are in a specific stage.

Application Period

You can apply from the 1st of March to the 28th of April. During this period you can create a new application, edit your existing application or delete your application. After this date you'll no longer be able to edit your application. Please notice that some locals have their own application deadline before the official deadline. Consult your local about this.

Possible application status:

  • There's not any application from you.
  • Your application is incomplete.
  • Application completed (only in this case the application proceeds to the next step).
Preselection Results

Will be published by May 2nd. If you chose more than one Summer University in the Application Form, on this date you will know for which SU you have been preselected. Your motivation letter has only been sent to this SU. If you selected only one SU in the Application Form this deadline does not affect you, because this motivation letter will be sent to this one SU.
All applicants are preselected to one SU.

Possible application status:

  • Preselected to the Summer University: XXX (all applicants are preselected to one (and only one) Summer University). Results in the next step are regarding the SU where you have been preselected.
Selection Results

Published by May 12th. By this date you'll know if you have been accepted in the Summer University where you were preselected. If you have been accepted in a SU, then all communication as from that moment will be directly with the organisers of the SU. If you have not been selected in any Summer University, you can still apply for Open Calls (free places). Keep reading.

Possible application status the day when the selection results are published:

  • Accepted to the SU: congratulations! All communication from now on will be directly with the organisers. They will contact you.
  • Not accepted. Sorry, you have not been accepted to the SU. But you can still apply for open calls! Read on.
  • In the waiting list. You have not been accepted to the SU but you are in the waiting list, that means you still have chances to get accepted in the following days if somebody cancells! Contact the organisers to know in which position in the waiting list are you.

Possible application status during the summer:

  • Attended. You have successfully attended the SU where you were accepted.
  • Cancelled. You were accepted in the SU but you cancelled voluntarily.
  • Didn't show up. You were accepted in the SU but then you didn't show up in the SU. Penalization may be applied next year.
  • Applied for an open call. You were not accepted in a SU or cancelled voluntarily where you were accepted or in waiting-list and then applied for an open call.
Open Calls

Open Calls are issued after the Selection Results are published to allow SUs with too less applicants still realize their event.
If there are free places left (e.g. people cancelled) or because there were not enough applicants, the boards issue an Open Call. They are issued during the whole course of the summer, so be aware!
To apply for an Open Call you can neither be accepted nor on the waiting list for another SU. If you are and want to apply for an Open Call, you first have to give up your place.

After the Selection Results are published, you will find a list of Open Calls on this page. The application procedure is the same as the regular application, but without deadlines (as they wouldn't make sense). Organisers will get in touch with you as soon as possible to tell you if you are accepted or not.

Possible application statuses for Open Calls:

  • Accepted. You got accepted! Book you flight ASAP and enjoy!
  • Not accepted. Sorry, not this time!

After you have successfully attended a SU, you can and should evaluate it! The evaluation will be opened after the last day of your Summer University.

Possible status:

  • Attended. Only participants with status attended will be able to fill in the evaluation form.