AEGEE Summer Universities 2014  Full Web Site

The SU Maps 2014 were delivered last EBM, but if you feel like having more, here you have the printable file in original size is A2.

They feature the same info and layout than last term’s ones (based on the renowned USE-IT format) but with a sharper and more understandable design, also featuring the new Visual Identity manual standards.

Maps Download

The SU Poster 2014 can be downloaded in .psd file in order to be edited and / or translated into your language. If you just want the printable file, you have it in two versions, one of them including a “sticker” area where you can add info, such as date, time and place of your info meeting, your dedicated mail account for outgoing or your local’s website. Size is A3, but you won’t have problems printing in A4, specially from the .pdf file

This term it includes, thanks to the feedback about last term’s one, more information about the Project, as some Antennae requested, and also words and sentences describing how the Project is, moving its image away from the “cheap holiday vacation” image, as CD requested.

Poster Download

The SU Flyer 2014 is designed in a way you can get 4 flyers printed in an A4 sheet. Spread them and write (by hand even) in the blank back side the extra info you need, such as date, time and place of your info meeting.

Flyers Download

The SU logo 2014 has been lightly polished in its expanded version this term to resemble more the shape of the AEGEE key and fit better the new Visual Identity. You can download the vector (and editable, but please, don’t modify it unless you want to suffer our rage) file and the different .png and .jpg files and find the one that fits better your needs

Logos Download

The SU Project has, since the latest redesign of the corporate ID its own typography, called Ostrich Sans. Nevertheless, The new Visual Identity manual sets Open Sans and Droid Serif as the “official” AEGEE fonts. In that way, here we offer you the three of them so you can use them in the way that fits better your needs.

Fonts Download

Keep the deadlines timeline and you will know exactly and quickly when the deadlines of the SU Project 2014 are set. You guys know that your productivity exponentially increases when the deadline arrives, so stay tuned with it.

Timeline Download

Customize your social networks with the Summer University Project 2014 identity with these materials. You can customize it to fit your needs

Social Download

The screen wallpaper is designed to help you promote the Summer University project in the screens of your University or your laptop at fairs and meetings. You can customize it to fit your needs.

Wallpaper Download