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AEGEE-Bucureşti | AEGEE-Chişinău

Type Travel Summer University (TSU)
Thematic categories History and Local Culture / Sports
Theme Discovering Romanian-Moldovan culture and nature!
Cities visited București, Brașov, Constanța, Chișinău

Date & Fee:

From Wednesday, August 5th
To Thursday, August 20th
Event fee 210€
Participants 30



General Info:

Optional fee 40€
Optional fee used for Parliament Palace, Aventura Park, Trip to Mileștii Mici.
Alternative program City games, museums visit in Brașov.
Confirmation Send copy of the ticket AND pay 50% of the fee in advance
Lodging Youth Hostel, Student Dormitories.
Provided meals Breakfast, dinner
Contact email 4SeasonsTSUgmail.com
Coordinator phone 0040732812337
University support No
Suitable for disabled participants No
Required special equipment Swimsuit, Hiking shoes/boots, sunglasses and sunscreen, sportswear.
Languages used English

Activities -City tours in: Bucharest, Braşov, Constanța and Chișinău
-City Rally in Bucharest
-Romanian language course
-Museums visited: the Parliament Palace, National Peasant Museum
-Parc Aventura - Romania's best high rope park
-Visits to Peleş and Bran Castles
-European Night
-Navy Day celebration and boat trip to Ovidiu Island
-Visits to Mileșii Mici winery and Vitanta brewery
-Hiking in Sinaia and 7 Scări
-Visit to Orheiul Vechi monastery and Carol I Mosque in Constanța
-Thematic Parties
-Bike trip around Lake Herăstrău
Ideal participant Curious, Travel Enthusiast, Energetic, Passionate about History and Culture.


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Event description:

Romania and Moldova are two countries sharing the same historical background, language and culture. Between the two World Wars, they were united. Also after 1990, for a few years even the national anthem was the same.

...Confused already?

Don’t worry, before our trip is over you will be singing the “Numa Numa” song fluently, because AEGEE-Bucuresti and AEGEE-Chisinau have created an unforgettable Travel Summer University where you will discover and be amazed by the places, the atmosphere and the nature in Romania and Moldova, you will learn the basics of the Romanian language, learn about our history, sing and dance and feel the real traditions and culture of our corner of Europe!

All this on a 1000-kilometer trip which includes four of the main Romanian-speaking historical areas: Muntenia, Transylvania, Dobrogea and Moldova.

Here are just 3 reasons to join our Travel Summer University:

1. On our event we will discover awesome nature (mountains, sea, canyons, hills, plains);
2. You will learn the Romanian language, and discover our amazing cultural heritage;
3. You will have fun and discover a new corner of Europe and also a new side of yourself, more active and in touch with history, culture and people.

Places visited

Our journey will start in the capital of Romania, Bucureşti (Bucharest). The “Little Paris” is an unforgettable city of architectural contrasts, stunning museums, relaxing parks and intense partying. We will be visiting famous places such as the Palace of Parliament, one of the largest buildings in the world, the Old Center, Herăstrău Park, explore the city through the City Rally and of course, check out the party scene. Here we will be getting to know each other through games, workshops and parties!
Bucharest is at the head of the economic and cultural boom of post-1989 Romania and has a huge student population giving it a young, creative spirit, so our theme will be Spring.
Right in the center of Romania, in Transylvania to be more exact, lies the fascinating city of Brașov, also known as Brassó and Kronstadt, a multicultural city where history is most alive, but which also has a young side with its abundance of clubs and bars in the authentic, well-preserved 600-year old center. Both inside and around the city are incredible places such as the Carpathian Mountains where we will be hiking, the medieval Bran Castle, associated with Vlad “Dracula” the Impaler, the modern Peleș Castle, the summer residence of the Kings of Romania, Parc Aventura, one of the largest high rope parks in Europe, and 7 Scări - the Seven Ladders canyon which will for sure give you an adrenaline rush.
As the city is a major wintersports destination, the cafe’s are cozy and the temperatures are cooler, Brașov will have the Winter theme.
The 2600 year old city of Constanta, known as Tomis in ancient Greece, is located at the Black Sea and is Romania’s main seaport. Between the enormous port, the charming city center, the waterfront with its neoclassical Casino, the endless beaches of Mamaia resort and the Islamic heritage, it’s a lively city which, for at least 3 months during the year, never really sleeps. We will also be taking part in the celebrations of the Navy Day on August 15th: boat parades, games, and fireworks!
Sunny weather and the Sea are what Constanța is all about, so we will be experiencing Summer there.
What if there was a place where you could step back in time and dance to centuries-old folk songs, play football on clean grassy fields, breathe fresh air, observe traditional farming, taste some of the best food and wine in the world, and still be able to check in to Facebook because of the excellent WIFI signal in the city?! Well, Moldova is such a place: The capital Chisinau is on its way to becoming a European city with its blend of neoclassical, socialist and modern architecture, its endless parks and lively clubs, while Orheiul Vechi is a veritable open-air museum where you can feel at peace and admire the hilly, rural landscape. The winemaking tradition goes back two and a half milleniums and Moldova is home to the world’s largest wine cellar, the 200-kilometer labirynth galleries of Milestii Mici.
As our event will end just a 10 days before the start of September, and Moldova has ancient traditions of agriculture and winemaking, our theme for Chișinău will be “Autumn”.