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Usually all questions are answered within 24 working hours.

General questions

For any question regarding AEGEE or the Summer Universities, please contact the Summer University Coordination Team: suct@aegee.org

Technical Support

Before asking for technical support regarding any webpage malfunctionning, check if your browser has JavaScript enabled. We also encourage you to use Firefox as default browser. In case that doesn't solve your problem, please gather the following information:

  • Your web browser (including the version). Normally you can know it by clicking on Help-->About in the top menu of your browser.
  • Say if you are a already an AEGEE member, an AEGEE board member or you are not yet an AEGEE member. Note that registering in AEGEE-Europe Intranet don't grant you with an AEGEE membership until you local validates your membership.
  • Copy the full web address of the web page where you face errors.
  • Explain what were you doing to get this error.
  • If you got some error message or error code, copy it too.

Problems with your Intranet account?

If you have trouble connecting to Summer University website with your Intranet account, first try to login to the Intranet. If you can't login to Intranet, because you have forgotten your password please visit this page. If you need any furtner help contact myaegee @ aegee.org.

If you can login to Intranet but not to Summer University website, then one of these might be the problem:

  • You created your account (or changed your password) very recently and the Summer University website hasn't been updated yet with these changes. In that case try to connect later. Usually all the changes are updated within one hour, however in some rare cases it might take upto one day.

  • You have special characters in the name you registered in Intranet. When you register for an account in Intranet, a new username is created by connecting your name and surname.
    If your name is for example Cóstas Deltoúzos, then your username will be "cóstas.deltoúzos". Pay attention to the accent on the letters!
    The Intranet allows special characters when the usernames are created, but when you try to login the matching is done insensitive of special characters (è, é, ê, ë and e are considered to be the same letter). So whatever variation you choose ("cóstas.deltoúzos", "costas.deltouzos", "costãs.deltöuzos" etc) you will be still be able to connect to the Intranet. This IS NOT POSSIBLE for Summer University website! You can visit this page where you can insert your e-mail and receive your exact username.

  • If these two are not the problem contact SUCT: suct@zeus-aegee.snt.utwente.nl.

If you find any error (not with username/password), please continue reading below.

SU Website errors

It's very important that you notify us any error that may happen. If you find any error (not with username/password), please send all the information gathered before to suct@zeus-aegee.snt.utwente.nl.

If you are a user with IT knowledge, please report your problem directly to the bug tracker system of the Summer University project.