Summer University 2016


Volcanic Eruption: SUper Paradise Edition!

Organized by AEGEE-Athina

Volcanic Eruption:  SUper Paradise Edition! Profile Picture
The enchanting capital of Greece and the birthplace for civilization and democracy, the city where Pericles, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Herodotus, Hippocrates and Sophocles lived and worked in fifth century. Acropolis, Parthenon, Erechteion, the ancient Agora, the ancient temple of Hephaestus are only some of the most famous archaeological monuments in Europe that have made the world tour causing feelings of admiration by thousands of people. Acropolis is nominated to be one of the 7 wonders of modern world! The heart of Athens beats in Syntagma Square with the Greek Parliament, the National Garden and Zappeion with the Temple of Olympian Zeus! Athens is a cosmopolitan city combining with harmony ancient with modern and east with west culture, providing with an intense and famous nightlife and a huge variety of cultural and entertainment events!
Are you ready to visit Paradise??
To experience first handed the civilization of the Greek islands in the Aegean? To swim in the crystal clear water of Agios Prokopios and Mikri Vigla amazing beaches? Discover the secrets of Portara in Naxos island? Visit the windmills, the lighthouses and the picturesque chora of Mykonos island? To see the most popular and stunning sunset in the world? To swim in the Red beach, into the dark blue water and under the red and black mountain? To spend one week in the most beautiful and awarded island of Greece?

Then this will be the Summer of your life!!!

Santorini is what remains after an enormous volcanic explosion. In the west side of the island we will visit the capital, Thera, with the traditional white Cycladic architecture houses, the ‘’Calderimia’’. In the north side of Santorini, in Oia, we will admire the very famous houses built into the rock and of course, the ‘’sunset of Oia’’ which is awarded as the best sunset worldwide. The beautiful colours that gives the red calcined sun while it immersed in the sea is one of the most spectacular picture in the world! Glorious sunsets are Santorini's claim-to-fame and are not to be missed! Moreover, we will have the chance to come close to the volcano crater of Santorini, called Nea Kameni and swim in the warm and sulphurous waters. We will make treasure hunts in the five wonderful Venetian Castles and important archaeological sites and dance all night in the most famous clubs of Santorini, with the intense night and cultural night. Let's find out together why the most famous poet in Greece, Odysseas Elitis, was inspired with the beauty of this island and wrote his poem ''Ode to Santorini'' and if it's true what people claim, that all travelers should once in lifetime visit Santorini.

In Naxos island we will stay in the capital and main harbour of the island called Chora. With a lovely waterfront and elegant Venetian architecture, it is considered as one of the most beautiful Cycladic villages. In Naxos we will visit the island’s landmark Portara and the temple of Apollo as long as other archeological sites like Dimitra’s temple and the ancient water reservoir. We will explore the venetian castle and paths in the center of the Chora and we will spend time visiting the crystal clear beaches of the island.

And final stop Myyyyyykonos!!One of Europe’s most famous and party islands!!We will have the chance to see the famous windmills, the lighthouse of Armenistis and wonder around the majestic capital of the island. And the best part is yet to come!!Get ready for the most amazing parties of your life!

General Information:

From: Friday, July 22nd
To: Saturday, August 6th
Starts in: Athens
Ends in: Mykonos
Type: Travelling Summer University info_outline
Thematic categories: History and Local Culture /
Fee: 210€ info_outline
30 Friends
Accomodation: Gym(Sleeping bags and mattresses needed) and hostel.
Confirmation: Pay 100% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 40€
Used for: a. Daily cruise to the volcano,hot springs and Thirasia island and b. Boat to the White Beach
Alternative: Fira city tour and extra time at the Red Beach.
Language: English
Special equipment needed: Sleeping bags and mattresses needed. Comfortable shoes for hiking, swimming suit, sunglasses, suncream.
Suited for disabled people: No


History and culture of the Mediterranean area, a basic grasp of Greek language and dances.


Phone: +306985945871

Our ideal participant:

    The ideal participant could be anyone as long as they write the best motivational letter. The only thing needed is creativity, collective thinking, enthusiasm and, of course, a lot of AEGEE spirit!!!


  • Cultural Workshops
  • Marvel at the ancient monuments and museums of Athens.
  • Greek dances workshop
  • Visits to the historical, archaeological and the Acropolis museums
  • City tours and city rally
  • Ice breaking games and energizers
  • Visit Portara of Naxos and other ancient sights of the island.
  • Visit the Venetian Castle of Naxos
  • Swimming at the black, red, white beach in Santorini
  • Half day cruise to the Volcano
  • Visit to the Acrotiri archaeological site
  • Watching the famous sunset of Oia
  • Explore the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea.
  • Learn Greek dances and language.
  • Taste amazing food.
  • Relax time at the beaches.
  • Visit Chora of Mykonos
  • View from the windmills and the lighthouse.

Course Information:

Course level: Beginner
Course given by: Members of the local community
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


The capital of Greek civilization; A hub of culture, history and booming nightlife, all at once!Athens is the largest city and capital of Greece. It is one of the ten oldest cities in the world and arguably Europe's most ancient. Its recorded history is spanning around 3,400 years, but the earliest human presence in the area dates from 11.000 BC! Classical Athens was a powerful city-state, birthplace of world-famous politicians, philosophers, play-writers and scientists. Home of Plato's Academy and Aristotle's Lyceum, it is widely referred to as the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy.
Modern Athens is a cosmopolitan metropolis, and the center of economic, financial, industrial, political and cultural life in Greece. Athens features the largest passenger port in Europe and the third largest in the world. The heritage of the classical era is still evident in the city, represented by ancient monuments and works of art, the most famous of all being the Acropolis. The city also retains Roman and Byzantine monuments, as well as a smaller number of Ottoman monuments.


Piraeus is a large city, bustling with activity and an integral part of Athens, acting as home to the country's biggest harbor and bearing all the characteristics of a huge marine and commercial-industrial centre. The port of Piraeus is the chief port in Greece, the largest passenger port in Europe and the third largest in the world.


Naxos is the biggest and the greenest island in Cyclades with impressively high mountains, fertile valleys, lush green gorges, stunning seascapes and traditional villages perched high on mountain tops! Naxos is also an island of beautiful old churches, monasteries and Venetian castles coexisting harmoniously with Cycladic cubic houses and archeological sites scattered around the island. Combining all this with beautiful beaches and unique sceneries.


Santorini is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption that destroyed the earliest settlements on a formerly single island, and created the current geological caldera. A giant central, rectangular lagoon, which measures about 12 by 7 km, is surrounded by 300 m high, steep cliffs on three sides. The main island slopes downward to the Aegean Sea. On the fourth side, the lagoon is separated from the sea by another much smaller island called Therasia; the lagoon is connected to the sea in two places, in the northwest and southwest. The depth of the caldera, at 400m, makes it possible for all but the largest ships to anchor anywhere in the protected bay; there is also a newly built marina at Vlychada, on the southwestern coast. The island's principal port is Athinias. The capital, Fira, clings to the top of the cliff looking down on the lagoon. The volcanic rocks present from the prior eruptions feature olivine and have a small presence of hornblende.


It is an island made by Gods for people.
Who hasn’t have something to say about Mykonos, who hasn’t swim in its vast boundless blue waters, who hasn’t have lived unforgettable moments…
Mykonos, the sea, the sky, the sun, the hospitality, the fun, the harmony, the charm. A never-ending real myth surrounding us, every part of it a reality, something special, challenging you to live it, taste it, relish it.
An barren island, arid, burned by the sun but full of golden beaches and crystal waters. The white colour, the stone and the scattered mountains are indelible memories in the mind.
Last but not least, Mykonos is one of the best places in Europe to have a blast at its amazing nightlife.