Summer University 2016


12 pints and some blarney: Discover the green island!

Organized by AEGEE-Eindhoven

12 pints and some blarney: Discover the green island! Profile Picture
How's it goin' lads and lasses? Are ye up for a bi' o' the ol' craic this summer? Feck it, sure ye may as well join us for 12 days of Oirish history, music, dance, poetry, sports, and much more. Do ye wanna know how St. Patrick drove all “snakes” from the Island? Or have ye been in an Irish bar, but never understood the bric-a-brac of it.
Come over to Emerald Isle and all it has to offer; castles, churches, beautiful nature, sun (if we’re lucky enough), rain (bring a brolly), beaches, never ending craic, the Black Stuff, the Irish pub, and of course the famously friendly Irish themselves!
A shamrock is all we need to catch a leprechaun together. We’ll find his pot of gold and be lucky now and ever. This year we celebrate 100 years after Easter Rising! Ye might even learn soimethin' bejayzus out here!
If ye are crazy as we; we need ya! Join us in Dublin for SU and we'll have a pint, or two. Go on ya good thing! Sure why wouldn't ya?

General Information:

From: Wednesday, August 10th
To: Sunday, August 21st
Starts in: Dublin
Ends in: Dublin
Type: Summer Course info_outline
Thematic categories: History and Local Culture / Leisure
Fee: 176€ info_outline
25 Friends
Accomodation: Gym/Scouting
Confirmation: Send copy of the ticket AND pay 100% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 46€
Used for: Trip to Cliffs of Moher and Galway (40), and Whiskey Tasting (6)
Alternative: Have great craic, listen to and learn blarney from locals who are not the full shilling, get black stuff and be bollixed.
Language: English, Dutch, German
Special equipment needed:
Suited for disabled people: No


Everything about the Irish culture; traditions, language, dance, lifestyle, etc.


Phone: +31617436338

Our ideal participant:

    Someone that is similar to the organisers: open-minded, creative, crazy, likes to step out of your comfort zone, ready to experience something new, and doesn't complain when things aren't going that smooth ;-).


    • Irish Dance
    • Oirish slang/Gaelic language
    • Irish sports: Play Hurling
    • Storytelling
    • Irish Whiskey tour + (optional) tasting
    • Irish Music
    • History and culture of Ireland
    • Irish writers/poetry
    • Games
    • Visit an Irish pub
    • Dublin City Tour
    • Dublin Docklands walk
    • (guided) Tour to Cliffs of Moher + Galway (this will be optional program)

Course Information:

Course: Dance Workshop Learn to dance almost like Michael Flatley. Everyone knows shows like Riverdance or Lord of the Dance. In a workshop we will teach you some of the steps used in showdance and then try some of the traditional Céili-dances. Irish writers and poets Get to know the famous Irish writers: Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift and Bram name only a few. Learn things about them you didn’t know before, perform some of their work or write your own piece of art influenced by the Irish atmosphere. Irish music And it’s no, nay, never! Sing along with us on Rocky road to Dublin, while having some Whisky in a Jar. Maybe we’ll find a nice Galway Girl, or a belle from Dublin city. So you’d better not Tell me ma! What’s up with this Irish music, and why is it so well known over the world? Oirish language Did you know that there are two “official” languages in Ireland? Become familiar with Gaelic, the language spoken before the British invasion. And on top of that learn some slang, and how to say “I’m not Oirish” like a real Irish. Irish sports Practice with us the fastest sport on grass; a combination of skills from baseball, hockey, and lacrosse in one high speed, high scoring, high octane sport that will blow you away. By the way, it is Ireland's national sport! Storytelling Listen to the great skills of Irish storytellers, and learn a bit more about this ancient folklore that many Irish still practice up to today.
Course level: Beginner
Course given by: AEGEE members and some local Irish people
Equipment: A hurling stick for Irish sports. Lyrics for the music, so you can sing along.
Supported by University: No

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As the capital of the Irish Republic, Dublin is both modern and full of history. But probably it’s more known for its pubs and the black stuff (Guinness, obviously). Dublin has been once voted as most friendly metropole in Europe. Also the music scene is lively in Dublin; recall that U2, Thin Lizzy, Sinead ‘O-Conner, and of course the Dubliners have their home in Dublin.

Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are Ireland’s most visited natural attraction with breath taking views that captures the hearts of many visitors. The Cliffs of Moher stretch for 8 kilometres along the Atlantic coast of Ireland.
Unesco World Heritage site!


On the very west coast of Ireland, you find the third largest city of Ireland: Galway. This lovely city offers you to sniff the fresh atlantic breeze. It is also the nearest city to the wild and famous Cliffs of Moher. With its great atmosphere, Galway is often called the cultural heart of Ireland.