Summer University 2016


Summertime Madness: Test Your UAdrenaline

Organized by AEGEE-Kyïv

In cooperation with Health4Youth

Summertime Madness: Test Your UAdrenaline Profile Picture
Do you plan to spend an unforgettable vacation this summer with 30 people from different countries in a place full of mysteries, discoveries, wonderful nature and architecture, all kinds of sport and activities with inspired and hospitable Ukrainian organizers? Do you want summer full of adventures, new friends, exciting emotions and best memories of 2016?
Don’t worry; we prepared everything for it! Our program is so filled up with all sorts of activities that you won’t forget this spirit of adventures. We will visit five different cities, each of them is unique and should already be in your “Must visit” list.

Kyiv is the incredible capital of Ukraine with long history and lots of opportunities for youth. You will see the green city, learn about what happened on the Maidan, you will touch the old and modern history, and will open a new page in your traveling list.

Lviv is the cultural European city with a huge variety of picturesque places and architecture. Come and find out why this city is called the “little Paris”.

Odessa is a pearl of the Black Sea, and a capital of humor. Many movies were filmed in this city many stories written. When you are there you feel inspired, easy-going and really happy.

The highlights of our program will be the trip to the Carpathian Mountains. The beauty of these mountains is known for everyone. Fresh air far away from the roads, cars, and loud civilization, huge mountains, refreshing rivers and the real Ukrainian culture are hidden in this magic place and are waiting for you to discover them.

And finally, the most mysterious city during our trip will be Chornobyl - the dead city, which will be especially pleasant for people, who admires secrets and adventures. Participants will have an opportunity to see the power station, Pripyat "dead city", "Red Forest" and other abandoned and exciting places of the exclusion zone.

You will get acquainted with incredible variety of the Ukrainian culture and history. Our organizers prepared for you lots of sport events and cultural activities that will let you feel the change of the level of your adrenaline. Prepare yourself for hiking, parachute jumping, rafting, paintball, climbing, yoga, survival game, night in tents and much more.
Apart from the official program we prepared many surprises for you!

Are you ready to feel the abundance of emotions and adventures this summer? Do not wait any minute more! Apply!

General Information:

From: Friday, August 5th
To: Friday, August 19th
Starts in: Lviv
Ends in: Odessa
Type: Travelling Summer University info_outline
Thematic categories: Sports /
Fee: 175€ info_outline
30 Friends
Accomodation: Hostels, dormitories, tents
Confirmation: Send copy of the ticket AND pay 50% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 40€
Used for: Partly for Chornobyl trip and partly for parachuting (different days)
Alternative: City tour in unexplored parts of Kyiv, sport and cultural activities (participants could choose what they prefer)
Language: English
Special equipment needed:
Suited for disabled people: No


The secret traditional Ukrainian recipe that combines 2 important ingredients such as sportive activities and adventures mixed with discovering of local traditions, cooked at the Ukrainian nature and decorated with teambuilding and intercultural exchange.


Phone: (+38)093-513-5094

Our ideal participant:

    If you are:

    • passionate about adventures as Indiana Jones,
    • active and unstoppable as Arnold Schwarzenegger,
    • fit and charming as Jennifer Lopez,
    • ready to discover new places as Christopher Columbus,
    • positive and funny as Jim Carrey,
    • smart and cool as Mr and Mrs Smith,
    • brave and persistent as James Bond,
    • witty and reckless as Jack Sparrow,
    • crazy about solving mysteries as Sherlock Holmes,
    • dreaming about the career of Bear Grylls...

    ...then for sure you will be superhero of our Summertime Madness Event!


    • an 800m solo parachute jump (optional)
    • paintball
    • hiking
    • rafting
    • climbing
    • swimming (in a swimming pool, a mountain river and the Black Sea)
    • yoga, stretching
    • massage workshop
    • sauna
    • a night in the wild (sleeping in tents)
    • Ukrainian language workshop
    • Ukrainian cuisine workshop
    • Ukrainian dancing workshop
    • Ukrainian singing workshop
    • Chornobyl tour (optional) at the exclusion zone: power station, Pripyat "dead city", "Red Forest" and other abandoned and exciting places.
    • exciting city tours in every city
    • ice-breaking games, teambuilding
    • European Night
    • parties
    • pub crawl
    Educative workshops:
    • AEGEE Intro
    • First Aid
    • International language
    • Civic Education
    • Intercultural Exchange
    P.S. Also expect some extra activities that we prepared for you as a surprise :)

Course Information:

Course: We are going to organize interactive workshops where participants will learn something new in an exciting way.
Timetable: We will organize the courses in-between the sport activities so that our participants could have some rest.
Course level: Beginner
Course given by: Experienced AEGEE members and professionals in the particular competencies.
Equipment: Everything that will be necessary will be provided by the organizers.
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


The city of lions, coffee and chocolate keeps its secrets for versed travellers to reveal them. While the capital of Ukraine is told to be the heart of the country, Lviv is often called its soul. Full of mysteries, this stunningly beautiful city will be decent beginning of the adventurous trip.

Carpathian mountains

The “Wild West” of Ukraine is ready to fascinate its visitors. This untouched location is both inviting and full of enigmatic places, where, it seems, one can easily meet mythical creatures in the depth of ancient woods or misty mountains. Still those mountains are the best place for active tourists, willing to spend some really breathtaking time there.


Majestic capital of Ukraine will be the third place to welcome participants of this adventure. Mother of old cities, glorious Kyiv, situated on the banks of astounding Dnipro river, is the superior place to discover unique atmosphere, created by combination of royal-looking central parts and modern districts of the city. The heart of Ukraine, it is famous for its beautiful views, kind people and probably the best street coffee in the country.


Severe exclusion zone is still a closed area in Ukraine. However, extremal tourists are usually fond of idea of going there to see it 30 years after the notorious accident. Abandoned houses, messy kindergartens, schools, shops, scattered stuff… It looks sad, frightening and thought-provoking at the same time. Have you seen scary movies about abandoned places? If you are brave enough, you can live them real!


The pearl of the Black Sea - that is how poetically this city is usually called. But even though the sea is called “Black”, it will be the brightest blue sea you have ever seen. Together with sandy beaches, monumental architecture and impressing city views it creates truly gorgeous image. Besides, Odessa people are known to have the best sense of humour among Ukrainians!