Summer University 2016


Transsiberian Dream vol.∞ To infinity and beyond!

Organized by AEGEE-Moskva

Transsiberian Dream vol.∞ To infinity and beyond!  Profile Picture
For the 8th time the Transsiberian train will set off. For the 8th time 35 lucky participants will cross whole Russia and face Baikal Lake. For the 8th time the time machine will turn its wheel and show all the beauties and uglies of the biggest country in the world.

How far can you go? The train story will start soon, much before you find your coach in the open-plan car. And you are the one to write it. Create your own story, with your own characters, your own feelings and your own perspectives.

We, a team of happy organisers, look forward to making this journey come true. Join us, feel our happiness, share your experiences, become a part of the train crew that will travel outside the eternity.

You will read in Russian (so you will be able to read almost all cyrillic languages!), learn a traditional Russian dance in a contemporary technique, sing Russian songs for the spirit, write a train story, visit Russian churches covered with tones of gold, discover Russian borderless cities and tiny villages, bathe in cold waters of Baikal Lake, feel the eternity standing on the cliff and change yourself beyond all limits.

General Information:

From: Friday, July 29th
To: Monday, August 15th
Starts in: Saint Petersburg
Ends in: Lake Baikal
Type: Travelling Summer University info_outline
Thematic categories: History and Local Culture /
Fee: 440€ info_outline
35 Friends
Accomodation: Hostels, gym, tents. Please bring sleeping bag, mattress, touristic backpack
Confirmation: Send copy of the ticket AND pay 100% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 40€
Used for: Active leisure in the nature of Siberia and/or Boat Party
Alternative: Free time, sightseeing, clubbing
Language: English
Special equipment needed: Sleeping bag, mattress, tourist backpack
Suited for disabled people: No


Infinite ways to explore multicultural modern Russia through its history, geography, nature and awesome activities.


Phone: (+7)916-160-71-46

Our ideal participant:

    To survive this journey you must be full of positive energy and restless spirit, ready to have little sleep in big cities and lots of sleep and talks on the train, able to carry your own belongings wherever needed and eager to let go all your past and open up to the crazy adventure!


    • Swimming in Baikal lake
    • Boat party
    • Sauna
    • Bike tour
    • Metro tour
    • Trainings
    • City tours
    • Workshops
    • Hiking
    • Trip to Olkhon Island
    • Bonfire party
    • Party train!

Course Information:

Course level: Beginner
Course given by: Еxperienced members from AEGEE-Moskva
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:

Saint Petersburg

A сity of bridges, the capital of culture, Russian Venice - Saint-Petersburg is definitely a pearl of Russia. TSU "Transsiberian dream" will start in Saint-Petersburg and as a participant you will spend there 3 days, during which picturesque parks and hasty streets will be your constant companions. It is here where you will learn how to actually USE Russian trains. Get ready!


In Moscow each corner has its own historical aura, where everything is covered by mysteries & legends. This city reminds a small country, totally different from Russia outside its borders. Kremlin, Red Square and many other famous things you will see with your own eyes. Life never stops there. Day and night it moves and breathes. And you probably know - Moscow (and also AEGEE-Moskva) Never Sleeps. Bike tour, city-tour, metro-tour, careless night parties - just a few things that you will be engaged in during your 4-day stop in Moscow.


This city is Russian «Third Capital». City of two so unlike religions. Muslims and Christians have lived here for many centuries in peace and harmony. And because of that his city is an example of tolerance and respect to different nations. We will visit the following highlights of Kazan: Kazan Kremlin, The Qolşärif Mosque, Kazan main street (Baumana street) and an adorable cafe with local Tatar food.


Tyumen was the first Russian settlement in Siberia. You will see traditional Russian architecture (wooden houses). You will meet one the most northern contact antennas - AEGEE-Tyumen! The programme will be provided in cooperation with these lovely Siberians - activities in the wild nature, a dynamic city-tour, workshops on Russian Culture and… you will get fresh and ready for the longest train in your life - 48-hour journey to Irkutsk! Bring your true AEGEE spirit to share with them! Organizers from Tyumen are ALREADY waiting for you <3

Lake Baikal (+Olkhon)

Our final point on the route.
Lake Baikal (which is appr. 25 million years old!) is the largest freshwater lake by volume in the world, containing roughly 20% of the world's unfrozen surface fresh water. It is said that you can clearly see a CD lying at 70-meter depth! You will learn more about this breath-taking and never-ceasing-to-amaze lake during your stay there. Also, you will be astonished when you visit one the biggest lake islands - Olkhon - and perhaps there you will even meet one of mysterious local shamans.