Summer University 2016


Burgundian Bicycles Vol III: Biking through SUmmer

Organized by AEGEE-Tilburg & AEGEE-Leuven

In cooperation with Civic Education Working Group

Burgundian Bicycles Vol III: Biking through SUmmer Profile Picture
Has it always been your dream to visit the low countries of Belgium and the Nehterlands? Experience living below sea level? Ride a bike from city to city? And life the Burgundian lifestyle? Well, this is your chance!! This summer you will be visiting the best spots in the Belgium and the Netherlands, while learning how you can save the environment.

This two-week adventure will start in Leuven, Belgium, where you will be visiting the beautiful cities of Leuven, Brussels and Bruges. In Leuven we will experience the Belgian student life, which will involve hanging out in one of the pubs around the markets in the city center. We will also visit the Provinciaal Domein, a very big park in which you will find a bee house, an ecohouse and a lot of animals and meadows. We'll explore Belgium in a culinary way in Brussels, eating the best fries the country has to offer, and visit one of the nicest tourist locations, Bruges, with its famous old town that makes you think you're in a museum. Besides all the travelling and visiting, you will also have the chance to gain some insights into sustainability initiatives in Belgium. Stay tuned!

After the first week we will travel north to TIlburg, the Netherlands, where the largest funfair of the Netherlands is about to begin, here you will be introduced to Pink Monday. From here we will make a day trip to the capital Amsterdam. The city known for its canals, museums, coffee shops and… the red light district. We also will pay a visit to 's-Hertogenbosch, the historical capital of the province Noord-Brabant. Last but not least we will visit The Hague, the policital capital of our flat country and chill out at the beach in Scheveningen!! Because this will be a Green SU, you will be spending a lot of time on a bike in the Netherlands!!
Are you up for it?? Don’t worry, you will love it!!

General Information:

From: Sunday, July 17th
To: Sunday, July 31st
Starts in: Leuven
Ends in: Tilburg
Type: Travelling Summer University info_outline
Thematic categories: Green SU /
Fee: 196€ info_outline
25 Friends
Accomodation: Leuven: Scouts accommodation, Tilburg: Accommodation at a Football Club (gym). Participants need to bring their own sleeping bags and mattress.
Confirmation: Send copy of the ticket AND pay 100% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 40€
Used for: Transportation to and program in Amsterdam
Alternative: Outdoor activities in Tilburg
Language: English
Special equipment needed:
Suited for disabled people: No




Phone: +31628508375

Our ideal participant:

    Amazing participants will make this summer outstanding! That’s why we are looking for active participants that are open-minded, sportive (at least you should have the physical condition to ride a bike and know how to ride it!!), enthusiastic and positive attitude. The ideal participant wants to learn more about the environment. But most of all smiling and having fun is required! If this description suits you, you're our perfect participant!


  • Environmental workshops
  • AEGEE Introduction
  • Visits to botanic garden
  • Béguinage
  • Provinciaal Domein
  • Pub-crawl around the Old Market
  • Brussels city visit
  • Bruges visit
  • Pink Monday
  • Fun fair
  • 't Zand (swimming at lake)
  • National Park Loonse & Drunense Duinen (Dunes)
  • Cycling distance: 150-200km in total
  • Amsterdam visit (optional program)
  • Boat tour through canals
  • Red light district tour
  • Historical buildings
  • The Hague visit
  • European Night
  • Outdoor games tournament
  • Pub crawl
  • Crazy 88 tournament
  • Workshop drugs
  • Boat tour ‘s-Hertogenbosch
  • Kamp Vught
  • Cantus
  • Beer pong
  • Beach visiting

Course Information:

Course level: Beginner
Course given by: The teachers of our course are: Greenpeace, Klimaatneutraal, Universiteit Hasselt.
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


Leuven is the capital of the province of Flemish Brabant in the Flemish Region, Belgium. It is located about 25 kilometres east of Brussels. Leuven has a beautiful historical centre. It is home to Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's largest brewing group; and to the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, the largest and oldest university of the Low Countries and the oldest Catholic university still in existence.


The city of Brussels is the capital of Belgium and (!) the capital of the EU. The secretariat of AEGEE-Europe, the Benelux and the headquarters of the NATO are also located in Brussels. Brussels is just a few kilometres north of the boundary between Belgium's language communities—French in the south, Dutch in the north. Historically a Dutch-speaking city, it has seen a major shift to French since Belgian independence in 1830. Today, although the majority language is French, the city is officially bilingual.


With a population of 210,289, Tilburg is the second largest city of Noord-Brabant, and the sixth largest city of the Netherlands. Historically mostly known for its textile industry, now known as a modern city. Apart from its renowned music venue 013, it is also known for its exuberant 10-day-long funfair, the largest in the Benelux, held in July each year. The city is surrounded by beautiful nature like the Loonse and Drunense Duinen.


Amsterdam is the capital city and most populous city of the Netherlands. Notorious for its red light district and its abundance of coffee shops, Amsterdam is also colloquially known as Venice of the North because of its lovely canals that criss-cross the city, its impressive architecture and more than 1,500 bridges. There is something for every traveller's taste here; whether you prefer culture and history, serious partying, or just the relaxing charm of an old European city. Amsterdam is one of the most diverse and multicultural places in the world.

The Hague

The Hague is the seat of government in the Netherlands, the residence of King Willem-Alexander, and the capital city of the province of South Holland. With a population of 515,880 inhabitants, it is the third-largest city of the Netherlands. The Hague is home for the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, which makes this place one of the major cities in the world hosting the United Nations. The Hague lies on the North Sea and is home to Scheveningen, the most popular seaside resort of the Netherlands, as well as the smaller resort of Kijkduin.