Summer University 2016


Get Civic, Get Educated

Organized by AEGEE-Warszawa

In cooperation with Civic Education Working Group

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This Summer University is about becoming a better citizen, understanding what that means, and empowering others to become better citizens too. As such, participants will learn to better understand other cultures and to communicate effectively with people from other parts of Europe; they will develop their knowledge to be able to participate actively in society and decision-making at different levels; they will learn about the situation regarding human rights in different European countries and ethics forms; further on, they will lean about sustainability and how to conserve our development and environment for future generations; last but not least, we will discuss which kind of civic education could help to develop citizens who are more active, responsible, democratic and critic.
After the first get to know each other days in Warszawa we will move to small place called Zegrze, where next to the lake, in relaxing atmosphere we will learn a lot about civic matters. We will challenge our knowledge and beliefs on topics as human rights, democratic participation, inter-cultural communication and sustainability, as well as challenge each other in discussions of civic learning in our societies. The workshops will be interactive and engaging to ensure that participants will enjoy the learning process. This intense programme will be mixed with windsurfing, water bikes and camping fire activities. Later, smarter and well-integrated, we will go back to Warszawa to visit Polish Parliament, Copernicus Science Centre and Invisible Exhibition. We will also have a chance to get to know impro-theater, living library and empowering debate methods. And do not worry - we will not forget about sightseeing, city games and parties

General Information:

From: Friday, July 1st
To: Sunday, July 10th
Starts in: Warszawa
Ends in: Warszawa
Type: Summer Course info_outline
Thematic categories: Civic Education /
Fee: 126€ info_outline
30 Friends
Accomodation: Hostel, little lake houses, gym
Confirmation: Pay 100% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 25€
Used for: Copernicus Science Centre, Invisible Exhibition
Alternative: Free time
Language: english
Special equipment needed:
Suited for disabled people: No


Civic Education


Phone: 0048 509799017

Our ideal participant:

    This SU is the best option for those of you who want to combine having fun together with other young Europeans; and at the same time have the wish to develop your competencies and those of others around you, to be active and responsible citizens. The ideal participant already has an opinion on which civic competencies are important for their fellow citizens to possess.
    TLDR: Work hard, play hard, with a feeling of responsibility for society. Also that means you are the kind of person that doesn't skip to the TLDR ;)


  • workshops and sessions about civic education, intercultural communication, active citizenship, human rights and environmental sustainability
  • impro-theater workshop
  • city tour, city game
  • water activities (swimming in a lake, water bikes, windsurfing)
  • campfire, barbecue
  • Debate
  • european night
  • Invisible exhibition
  • Copernicus Science Center
  • Polish Parliament
  • comparative history
  • learning traditional polish dances
  • Making pierogi
  • living library
  • uprising museum
  • movie screening
  • NGO case study
  • inter-cultural world cafe

Course Information:

Course: Sometimes we will have classic workshops (with all kinds of non-formal education methods) and sometimes it will be a reflection session on the activities we have done before that day. The participants will have an important role, so don't expect to be bored by powerpoint presentations. We will be also practising “learning by doing”in activities such as living library, debate, case study and a visit to parliament.
Timetable: Each day we will have between 2 and 8 hours of activities directly connected to civic education
Course level: Beginner
Course given by: Joanna Pankowska, Paul Smits, Jorge Miguel, Sien Rongen, ....
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


We will start and end our Summer University in the polish capital city, which is not only home to all polish politics but also a good place to look back into polish history and current social inequalities. We will explore what the city has to offer by visiting Invisible Exhibition, Copernicus Science Center, Uprising Museum but also clubs and traditional milk bars.


Using the quiet and chill atmosphere of the lake surrounding we will have time take a deep dive into the topic of civic education, including all the relevant competencies. The learning process will be seasoned with water activities such as water bikes, windsurfing, kayaks, but also campfire, barbecue and much more.

Your thoughts

We are not only visiting materialistic locations, but we also hope to get an idea of how you view the world, society and others. By discussing civic matters, you have the opportunity to bring into the event what YOU think is important. Can you convince the others that good citizen requires certain skills or knowledge? Share your ideas to make a change out there!