Outgoing Responsible | AEGEE Summer Universities 2017

Summer University 2017

Outgoing responsible

In order for the members of your local to be able to participate to Summer University Project 2017, each local has to assign an Outgoing Responsible. We have created a quick checklist see all obligations of an Outgoing Responsible.

Summed up:

  • Check that the applicants are registered in your local
  • Provide help to them with the application (eg motivation letter)
  • Read carefully their applications and possibly edit them
  • Approve only the valid applications
  • Prepare the members before going to Summer University

We have a page where you can find materials and promotional materials!

If you want to register an outgoing responsible, this is the page to be. Please log in! Also, please note that the current technologies only allow to differentiate between board members or non-board members. That means your board has to register the organizers as board members on the Intranet if you want to use this page.

Find materials to promote Summer Universities in the Promo Materials section

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