Summer University 2017


The Tale of the three Betyárs

Organized by AEGEE-Budapest, AEGEE-Debrecen & AEGEE-Pécs

In cooperation with AEGEE-Academy

The Tale of the three Betyárs Profile Picture
Get ready for the adventure of your SUmmer!

Once upon a time, beyond the Neverending sea, Passing the Chrystal mountain, where the little piglet with curly tail is digging, There was the peaceful land of Hungary, where our journey is beginning. One day, out of nowhere, the shadows of great danger appeared, Gruesome monsters’ of the folklore tales were feared. People were lost and hoping for a pioneer, their wishes were granted In the form of the three long-forgotten heroes of history. The betyárs announced a glorious quest to defeat this mystery, Come and join them, to triumph and end the misery!

Have you always dreamt of exploring Hungary? Now it’s time for it! Come and join the SU, which brings together all of the Hungarian antennas, for you, to show the three faces of the country! Let’s explore the unique puszta of Hortobágy, try out the best wines of Pécs and dive into the dazzling nightlife of Budapest. Tired of all of the landscapes and rich historical sights? Don’t worry! We will take you to Lake Balaton, where you can experience the Hungarian sea’s magic. Are you ready to become the dauntless betyár and relive the tales of the heroes of the past? Through the cloak and dagger journey, which will include workshops related to self-development and exploration, team-work sessions and many more. History, culture, traditions, gulyás + pálinka and fun: apply, so we can give you the best SUmmer of your life!

General Information:

From: Monday, July 24th
To: Monday, August 7th
Starts in: Debrecen
Ends in: Pécs
Type: Travelling Summer University info_outline
Thematic categories: History and Local Culture /
Fee: 196€ info_outline
25 Friends
Accomodation: gym, hostel - sleeping bag is needed
Confirmation: Pay 100% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 25€
Used for: SPA
Language: English
Special equipment needed:
Suited for disabled people: No


The theme of our Su is, to show the three regions, the three faces of the Hungarian culture, while giving valuable life lessons to the participants.


Phone: +36305629970

Our ideal participant:

    Our ideal participant is enthusiastic, motivated, open-minded, creative and someone who enjoys life and wants to be part of a unique experience, as well as eager to get know our culture and customs. Participants should be ready for two weeks of travelling, learning and partying! Be prepared to become the fearless Betyárs!


  • city tours
  • pub crawls!
  • picnic and outside workshop/games
  • AEGEE-Academy workshops
  • adventure park
  • ferryboat trip + beach
  • European Night
  • treasure hunt
  • Hungarian WS : dancing, language, customs, folklore clothing
  • castle rally
  • wine tasting
  • spa
  • quiz night
  • karaoke night
  • ceramics workshop
  • castle tour with medieval weapons demonstration

Course Information:

Course: Interactive workshops combined with mostly outdoor activities.
Course level: Beginner
Course given by: AEGEE-Academy trainers and the compulsory sessions will be held by our experienced members. In addition to this most of our programs, for example the wine tastings and various guided tours usually involve experts of the given fields where participants can learn from our region and wine culture.
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


The second largest city in Hungary, the „capital city” of the Hungarian Great Plains. It’s famous for its thermal baths, university and very active AEGEE antenna:) It’s also close to Hortobágy, the hungarian “puszta”, home to fearless betyárs. We’ll start off our amazing journey here, discovering the city and its surroundings, party through the nights, while having a unique cultural experience.


Being the capital and the biggest city, is the most well-known tourist destination of Hungary. With its history dating back to the ancient times, most things that can happen to a city, have already happened to Budapest, therefore it has memories from all ages, buildings of all architectural styles that tell stories of the glorious past. The Danube divides the city into two different parts, the hilly Buda and the more cosmopolitan Pest. Some call it „Paris of the East”- are they right? Let’s find out together!


Would you like to see the beautiful countryside near Budapest? The Danube Bend - the cradle of Hungary – is a famous region in our country with charming natural beauty and towns of rich historical heritage: green valleys, hills rising up from the Danube, picturesque little towns and medieval fortresses.

Balaton (Siófok)

Have you heard of Lake Balaton, or Balcsi, as we like to refer to it? It's the largest lake of Central Europe, the "Hungarian Sea". It is part of the must-try, Hungarian summer experiences. During the weekends, the townies rush to the beaches to enjoy the fresh, cold water, taste lángos, drink fröccs and relax under the kiss of the Sun.


How about experiencing some Mediterranean atmosphere at the southwest centre of the country? Pécs, being the fifth largest Hungarian town, was also named the European capital of culture in 2010. We will make the last days of the event unforgettable with hiking through the Mecsek hills and discovering well-known and also hidden spots of this beautiful city. You will get a real taste of Hungary at a winery and be able to chill everything out in the thermal spa of Szigetvár. Fancy dinners with a quiz and a karaoke night? Just some of the things that you will encounter in the lovely city of Pécs!