Summer University 2017


Make your moments live forever- Snap it!!!

Organized by AEGEE-Chişinău, AEGEE-Iaşi & AEGEE-Odessa

Make your moments live forever- Snap it!!! Profile Picture
Are you ready to cross 3 countries and move up from European Union to Ex-Soviet Union culture? Let's do it! If you are looking for craziest story ever, full of memories to be remembered, we are looking for you!

We are happy to introduce you what is it to be one of the most extraordinary Travel Summer University of 2017. With our TSU, you have the opportunity to discover the Eastern Europe as never before, as you will start your trip in Iași (Romania), continue to Chișinău (Moldova), passing through Transnistria, and finishing this tremendous adventure relaxing on the beach in Odessa (Ukraine). You'll discover 3 countries and 4 cities.

Our goal is to introduce you to another way of living, to give you the chance to rediscover yourself through the camera lens, to give you memories worth saving & sharing. Be creative and get inspired with new emotion during this project as it is unique. Take the pic of your life and let your fanasies escape from your mind.

You will experience a transition between 3 breathtaking similar but different cultures; learn about how photography changed the world, and how could change your life, as it is an expression of the past – interpretation of the future; you will get to visit the biggest and most impressive wine cellar in the WORLD (Moldova), discover the medieval orthodox moldovian culture (Orheiul Vechi, Lozova); you will experience the political and social disbalance between Moldova and the separatist region; you will show your talent during the photography contest and of course many other stunning activities during the 14 days with us!

Accept a challenge, understand a culture!

General Information:

From: Thursday, July 20th
To: Wednesday, August 2nd
Starts in: Iași
Ends in: Odessa
Type: Travelling Summer University info_outline
Thematic categories: Arts, Creativity and Cooking / History and Local Culture
Fee: 182€ info_outline
30 Friends
Accomodation: Hostel
Confirmation: Send copy of the ticket OR pay 50% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 30€
Used for: Trip to Milestii Mici winery. Kayaking on the Dniester river.
Language: English
Special equipment needed:
Suited for disabled people: No




Phone: + 373 69 228762

Our ideal participant:

    Ideal Participant: Enthusiastic, borderless person who wishes to discover the eastern Europe as never before. Adventurous spirit, with endless amounts of energy, willing to rediscover himself through the camera lens. Passionate to discover the undiscovered, to learn the unknown, and the most important, with some seriously good sense of humor.


  • City Tour, (Iasi, Chisinau, Odessa),
  • City Quest,
  • AEGEE-Europe presentation,
  • Introduction in photography,
  • Temathical Workshops & Master classes,
  • compulsory session.
  • Trip to Milestii Mici (degustation),
  • Trip to Orheiul Vechi,
  • Trip to Transnistria,
  • Winery Asconi (degustation),
  • Trip to Lozova,
  • Pub crawl,
  • Kayaking on the Dniester river (32 km),
  • Sunbathing (beach).

Course Information:

Course level: Intermediate
Course given by: Daniel Codreanu(Photograher/Video maker)
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


Iași, the historical and cultural capital of Romania, and briefly even the actual capital of Romania. Through the ages, this city has been at the crossroads of trade; connecting Hungary with Russia and Poland with the Byzantine and later the Ottoman Empire. It surely will also pop up on one of your next route, so check out this great travel guide on Iași.


Chișinău is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Moldova. The city is Moldova's main industrial and commercial center, and is located in the middle of the country, on the river Bîc. The capital of Moldova is considered to be one of the greenest cities in Europe. There are many parks in the city and the trees grow on almost every street. The city lies on seven hills and occupies the territory of around 120 sq. km. In Chisinau there are 23 lakes which are mostly situated in the parks.


City Tiraspol is internationally recognised as the second largest city in Moldova, but is effectively the capital and administrative centre of the unrecognised Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Transnistria). The city is located on the eastern bank of the Dniester River. Tiraspol is a regional hub of light industry, such as furniture and electrical goods production. The modern city of Tiraspol was founded by the Russian generalissimo Alexander Suvorov in 1792, although the area had been inhabited for thousands of years by varying ethnic groups.


Hero City Odessa - center field, a sea port in north-west coast of the Black Sea, the capital of humor. Odessa - one of the largest cities of Ukraine, the southern gate of the state. Biography of Odessa is full of historical events that are stored in the names of nearly 1,400 streets, squares, avenues, boulevards, in the monuments of history and culture. In a short time the city became not only a "window of the southern Ukraine in Europe" with a wonderful harbor on the Black Sea, but also a major cultural center. In the city of seven theaters, a philharmonic, circus, opera and ballet.