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Letters from Niš

Organized by AEGEE-Niš

In cooperation with Action Agenda Coordination Team

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If you like music festivals, you are a fan of jazz and you like to take a photos and to write articles, than you are the right person for our Summer Course! You will have a chance to visit one of the greatest festivals in Niš and Serbia, to meet a lot of musicians from the whole world and to learn how to be one of the best PR's. For sure this will be the great opportunity for you to feel AEGEE spirit and to have a wonderful and unforgettable time of your life.
PR is an intense and difficult job that can be rewarding and disappointing. It can be very exciting, but also it can be very boring. The lines between PR, marketing and advertising are becoming more blurred, taking the industry into a new direction. In short, once you get below the surface, PR is not what it appears to be from the outside. To be a PR person, I feel you need to posses a certain skill set that can be broken down into two categories: human skills and professional skills. Human skills include things such as patience and congeniality, while professional skills include the ability to speak publicly and write professionally.
The International Nisville jazz festival is the largest and most-visited jazz festival in Southeastern Europe. The festival is the official cultural event of the City of Niš (since 2005) and also "the festival of national value", according to the rankings by Serbian Ministry of Culture in 2010. The importance of the festival was also recognized by Serbian Ministry of Trade and Services, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, as Nisville festival was the winner of the award "The best from Serbia" in 2011. The Tourist Organization of Serbia includes Nisville as its official offer in tourist fairs throughout Europe. In the European Union magazine "New Europe", published in Brussels, the festival has been reviewed as the "European face of Serbia".
Since the first edition of the festival in 1995, Nisville has been promoting the multiculturalism as the inevitable characteristic of the contemporary jazz music. The festival's concept is based on presenting the 'traditional' jazz forms together with their fusion with the world music tradition, with the emphasis on the music from the Balkans. One of the most famous jazz magazines, the American 'Downbeat' values Nisville as the important musical event as the promotion of both the traditional Balkan music and American jazz heritage. According to the magazine, Nisville's specialty is the popularizing the blend of the two.

General Information:

From: Monday, August 7th
To: Tuesday, August 15th
Starts in: Niš
Ends in: Niš
Type: Summer Course info_outline
Thematic categories: Training / Civic Education
Fee: 109€ info_outline
20 Friends
Accomodation: student dormitories
Confirmation: Send copy of the ticket OR pay 100% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 15€
Used for: Paintball and bowling
Alternative: Movie, board gamens, quiz
Language: English and Serbian
Special equipment needed: Swimming pants, enthusiasm
Suited for disabled people: No


PR education and reporting from a festival


Phone: +381 61 76 54 332

Our ideal participant:

    Our ideal participant is a person with a lot of enthusiasm and will to learn and to have fun. He/she has to be funny, energetic, open-minded and tireless to attend all the program, activities, parties. We want AEGEEans who know something or want to learn about PR and festivals.


  • Nisville festival
  • Going to Devil's Town
  • Workshops
  • City tour in Niš
  • Paintball
  • Parties
  • Bowling
  • Swimming

Course Information:

Course: We are going to use different methods: theoretical part, simulations, tasks, examples...
Timetable: Participants will receive 18hrs of lessons in total, plus few activities related to the topic of our SU such as visiting local newspaper and going to Nisville
Course level: Beginner
Course given by: Konstantine Bakiris - Vice Speaker in ACT, Bratislav Bojić - PR responsible, Aleksandra Tasković - President of AEGEE Niš
Equipment: Projector, auditorium, papers, markers, flipcahrts
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


Welcome to Niš, the city of joy, enthusiasm, friendly people and excellent food. Come to the place whose history begins in the 3rd century B.C., to the birthplace of the roman emperor Constantine the Great, and the city where the beginning of the First World War was declared. Travel through the time and experience different cultures that lived in this city, but mainly Serbian culture, and Serbian people, because Niš is the place where these things can be shown best.

Devil's Town

Tall stone formations of Djavolja Varoš (Eng. Devil's Town) were nominated for one of the New seven wonders of nature. Comprised of more than 200 stone formations 2 to 15 meters high and up to 3 meters wide, with strange stone caps, this place will leave you breathless. If you are thrilled to find out what is the connection between these stones, come to our Summer course and hear the incredible legend about it