Summer University 2017


Capitals of the Lost Citizens

Organized by AEGEE-Sofia

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Civic education stands for the idea of active citizens, informed and organised. It is our aim to show participants the power of learning and the power of youth involvement. As the purpose of civic education is to promote and develop capable citizens, we will put all the necessary effort into developing a comprehensive and engaging programme.

Some of the ideas of civic education are included in the sense of the Greek term paideia - self-development of the citizens. This will be our main goal - not only to show the participants theoretical knowledge and help them achieve better understanding of the subject, but also to allow them to develop their own ideas of responsible and active involvement in society in collaboration with the capable educators from AEGEE-Sofia, AEGEE-Academy, CEWG and Teach for All.

In order to accomplish our goals, we will spend a few days in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia, where we will combine workshops with historical visits and a little intake of the rich nightlife of the city. Then we will travel to the Old Capital - Veliko Tarnovo, where we will immerse ourselves in the ancient times, creating a parallel between the old and the new political systems. After this, we will shift back to the new in the European Youth Capital for 2017 - Varna. Here we will participate in seminars, talk about politics, develop the vision on the new Europe as we marvel at the wonders of the Black Sea.

General Information:

From: Wednesday, August 16th
To: Wednesday, August 30th
Starts in: Sofia
Ends in: Varna
Type: Summer Course+ info_outline
Thematic categories: Civic Education / History and Local Culture
Fee: 196€ info_outline
25 Friends
Accomodation: Hostel
Confirmation: Pay 100% of the fee in advance
Language: Engslih
Special equipment needed: Swimming trunks/suit and goggles, walking shoes
Suited for disabled people: No


Active citizenship and history


Phone: +359 88 552 8699

Our ideal participant:

    We are looking for people who are aware of the need for change to more informative and transparent education when it comes to one’s civic participation. The ideal participant is one who is full of enthusiasm and ideas to share and develop, thirsts for information and is eager to collaborate.

    As usual, 24-hour energy and fun-coloured blood are also needed prerequisites, as well as a fascination for history, culture and society. You will learn a lot about being a citizen, but also interesting facts about the ground you will stand on and the people that have been here before you.


  • Workshops about civic education, active citizenship, political involvement and democracy;
  • Language and history workshops;
  • Culture and dancing workshops;
  • Trip to Rila Monastery;
  • European night;
  • City tour and city games;
  • Beach games;
  • Parties till dawn;
  • More activities to come, follow us on Facebook to find out!

Course Information:

Course: Interactive and engaging workshops, discussions and more
Timetable: About 3 hours of workshops per day
Course level: Beginner
Course given by: Trainers from AEGEE-Sofia, AEGEE-Academy, CEWG, external trainers from Bulgarian NGOs
Equipment: Materials for the sessions, handouts
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


This is the second largest capital in the Balkans and the second oldest capital in Europe. The broad streets of the center, covered with shining yellow pavement, will lead you to the marvelous sights of the city, most prominent of which is the Aleksander Nevski Cathedral. It is truly a remarkable experience to stand at the steps of the biggest Orthodox church in this part of Europe or to walk around and perceive the historical buildings and how they are integrated into the new look of the city. Hidden behind the great Vitosha mountain (“the tallest mountain in the world” according to the native city inhabitants), the city of the old and new awaits you. It is only here where you can fully understand the connection between the antique and modern. Bursting with life and energy, always awake, it is not only old, but so so new, true to its motto - “It grows but does not age.”

Veliko Tarnovo

One of the old lost capitals of Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo spreads its ancient roots on top of three hills. The name Veliko means great in Bulgarian, and so it is to represent the history and culture of the old city. The seat of Bulgarian kings, its walls have seen many battles and its taverns have endured many victory feasts. The beauty of Veliko Tarnovo could only be perceived with wandering eyes by a true lover of history and culture. Speaking about ancient, in this remote and relic location, we are going to get engaged in series of thematic workshops to better understand the connections between old and new ways of citizenship followed by a nip of the nightlife of the city.


Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria and it is located on its own gulf on the north part of the Black Sea coastline.This time a special thing has brought the borough to the eyes of the organisers of the Summer University. Through the whole 2017, the city is the European Youth Capital, meaning that it will strive to “strengthen the relationship between the European and local levels, fostering youth participation at the local level by applying common European objectives regarding youth policy”. We are going to add some of our knowledge and wisdom to the matter, participating in activities focused on European Youth, teaching, sharing and embracing the idea of active citizenship. There is no better place to be an active citizen with great superpowers than Varna as one of the most dynamic and developing youth cities in Bulgaria and Europe.