Summer University 2017


Cool Fun in The Hot Sun

Organized by AEGEE-Tiranë

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Cool Fun in The Hot Sun is exactly for people who likes multi-day tours as a great way to experience Albania and also useful for those ones wanting to be gradually immersed into Albania before going out on their own. It provides multiple city tours or so called "multiple landscapes" tours of beaches, cities, and nature adventures mixed.

Cool Fun in The Hot Sun will provide a range from walking tours to mountain climbing to relaxing in Albanian clear waters.

Cool Fun in The Hot Sun aims to immerse curios AEGEE people into Albanian life, culture, language, history, games, natural wonders, and hidden treasures.

CoolFunInTheHotSun is exactly for people who likes multi-day tasks and guides as a great way to experience Albanian life,culture,language and history.

Apply to join the wild nature experiences which many around the world have started to enjoy! ;)

General Information:

From: Friday, August 4th
To: Tuesday, August 15th
Starts in: Tirana
Ends in: Tirana
Type: Summer Course info_outline
Thematic categories: History and Local Culture / Language
Fee: 154€ info_outline
35 Friends
Accomodation: Dormitories and Tents. No need to take sleeping bag or mattress.
Confirmation: Pay 50% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 40€
Used for: Return Tickets for Kruja City, Durres City, Dajti Mount, Pellumbasi Cave and Jala South Beach Village or Lalzi Bay. Return Ticket for Cable Car in Dajti Mount. Return Ticket to Bunk’Art place nearby Tirana City. All Entrance tickets in all museums and his
Alternative: Those ones not following Optional Program will have the alternative one conducted by other AEGEE Tirana members and experts in Tirana based on the SC+ themes. So, we will offer to participants all needed equipment needed for the well going of workshops
Language: English
Special equipment needed: Swimsuit, Insurance, Slippers, athletic or comfortable shoe, sporty clothes, towels your personal hygiene such as after shower and after you get out from sea, Endless good mood-motivation of work and leisure bring whatever you think it will be suitable for you to have during the SU!
Suited for disabled people: No


Getting familiar with Albania and Albanians.


Phone: +355666679866

Our ideal participant:

    Who is: Not afraid of cultural diversity; Beauty Place-Hunter; Full of energy, open-minded and ready for new experiences; Willing to survive with others for 11 days; Able to attend all our activities; Who has endless amounts of good mood and motivation for work and leisure; Who is ready to cooperate with organizers and other participants; Who is easy-going and adventurous; Who get adapted soon with others and good communicator; Crazy one, energetic and aegee spirit in soul.


    1. Cultural and History of Albania 2. Language Workshop 3. Visiting Albania's Cities 4. Swimming and Trekking 5. Beach Acitivities/Sports 6. AEGEE Party ;)

Course Information:

Course: All lessons will be implemented by non formal education methods. They will be all interactive and creative lessons.
Timetable: Day 1st (4th of August 2017) Arrival Day Accommodation and unofficial introduction Dinner Included Day 2nd (5th of August 2017) Official Opening, Introduction, AEGEE, pax and organizers Presentations (Compulsory Session) Name Games / Ice Breaking Albanian Language Workshop (Compulsory Language Session) (6h) Day 3rd (6th of August 2017) Tirana City Tour and Bunk’Art Institution and Museums Entrance Albanian Language Workshop 2 (Compulsory Language Session) (4h) Day 4th (7th of August 2017) Durres City Tour, Entrance Museum Beach and Beach Activities European Cultural Exchange (Compulsory Culture/History Session) (6h) Day 5th (8th of August 2017) Dajti Mountain Excursion/Trekking and Cable Car Different Games and Outdoor Workshops Cultural Exchange Workshop (Compulsory Culture/History Session) (6h) Day 6th (9th of August 2017) Trekking Pellumbasi Cave or Lalzi Bay European Cultural Exchange (Compulsory Culture/History Session) (6h) Day 7th (10th of August 2017) Kruja City Tour Visit Old Bazaar Entrance in Kruja Castle and Museum Prof. of Albania History and Culture (Compulsory Culture/History Session) (3h) Day 8th (11th of August 2017) Moving to Jala Camping South Beach Accommodation Partying and Swimming in Night under the Blue-Sky (6h) Day 9th (12th of August 2017) Exploring Jala Beach and Treking in Wild Nature Beach activities and Sports Championships (Compulsory Sport Session) (3h) Day 10th (13th of August 2017) International Alcoholic Morning and Shampoo Party in Midday Final Evaluation Day 11th (14th of August 2017) Going Back in Tirana and Farewell Party in Tirana Day 12th (15th of August 2017) Check Out in Tirana and Closure of SU
Course level: Beginner
Course given by: Erald Aga, Brixhilda Kasa, Sokol Mustafallari
Equipment: We will offer to participants all needed equipment needed for the well going of workshops and lessons. Participants have no need to worry for the logistic equipment.
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


Tirana, the capital of Albania, is known for its colorful Ottoman-, Fascist- and Soviet-era architecture. The area occupied by Tirana has been populated since the Paleolithic era, dating back 10,000 to 30,000 years ago, as suggested by evidence from tools excavated near Mount Dajt's quarry and in Pellumba Cave. As argued by various archaeologists, Tirana and its suburbs are filled with Illyrian toponyms, as its precincts are some of the earliest inhabited regions in Albania. The Illyrians called the settlement Tërana.


Durrës, historically also known as Durazzo and Dyrrachium, is the second largest city and a municipality of Albania. It is central on the coast, about 33 km west of the capital Tirana. Was sacred by Aphrodite.Is the largest port of Albania and the most ancient port in region too.Has an ancient history,the remnants of which make for fascinating visit.llyrians first settled here in627BC,and Durres became a prosperous trading harbour.


Krujë is a town and a municipality in north central Albania. Located between Mount Krujë and the Ishëm River, the city is only 20 km north from the capital of Albania, Tirana. Inhabited by the Illyrian tribe of the Albani, in 1190 Krujë became the capital of the first autonomous Albanian state in the middle ages, the Principality of Arbër. Later it was the capital of the Kingdom of Albania, while in the early 15th century Krujë was conquered by the Ottoman Empire.

Dajti Mountain

Mount Dajt is a mountain and national park in central Albania, to the east of Tirana. Its highest peak is at 1,613 m. Dajti Mountain was declared a National Park in 1966, and has an expanded area of about 29,384 ha since 2006. It is a popular retreat to the local population of Tirana that rarely sees snow falls. Its slopes have forests of pines, oak and beech, while its interior contains canyons, waterfalls, caves, a lake, and an ancient castle.

Jala Beach

Green of the endless olive groves intertwines with the diaphanous blue of the Ionian sea and the azure of the sky in a perfect harmony. Visitors never feel like a stranger, as the locals greet him/her as they would an old acquaintance.