Summer University 2017


Find the EASTtern State of Mind

Organized by AEGEE-Warszawa & AEGEE-Grodno

In cooperation with Drinkwise, Civic Education Working Group

Find the EASTtern State of Mind Profile Picture
Discover Eastern Slavic state of mind and Experience the greatest adventure of your life with Waw & Gro!

An old legend says that if 30 brave travelers with inquiring minds gather together in the centre of Europe they will have a unique chance to live Eastern way and feel our famous hospitality finally becoming one big family! Would you like to turn on your time machine and travel from the Present to the Past, become a real Pioneer and return back to USSR time at least for a while? With help of DRINKWISE and the Civic Education Working Group You will be able to break all the stereotypes and open the veil under so similar but so diverse Eastern Universes! For sure you will try our cuisine and traditions, habits and a great capacity to party till the sunrise! BUT...The main that you will taste our EASTern state of mind, feel all the emotions and smiles we are eager to gift, you will breath this EASTern air and can not stop anymore!

If you want to taste something special, something unusual, maybe even a bit exotic and spicy, something that you wanted to try the whole life but it was impossible – this dish is being cooked already, cooked only for you by AEGEE-Grodno and AEGEE-Warszawa, just add EASTern Spirit!

General Information:

From: Wednesday, July 12th
To: Sunday, July 23rd
Starts in: Warsaw
Ends in: Grodno
Type: Travelling Summer University info_outline
Thematic categories: History and Local Culture /
Fee: 154€ info_outline
30 Friends
Accomodation: hostel & holiday camp (sleeping bags needed)
Confirmation: Pay 50% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 35€
Used for: sightseeing/additional attractions
Alternative: Grodno: visiting castles, riding horses, boat trip in Augustow Warsaw:Trip to Zegrze lake and windsurfing lessons
Language: English
Special equipment needed:
Suited for disabled people: No


Experience the greatest adventure of your life in the Eastern European world. To Travel, to know history, to adventure, to amaze, to Get Civic and DrinkWise.


Phone: +48 880 205 105

Our ideal participant:

    We are missing 30 fearless and brave spirits from all over Europe ready to become civic and drink wise while experiencing the EASTern State of Mind. Distinguishing features: curious mind, cheerful soul, great determination for long days and even longer nights, full alert for extensive knowledge and tremendous fun! If your hobby is smiling, having good time and meeting great people then…
    Join us! Work hard, play hard, with a feeling of responsibility for society!


    • Workshops and sessions about civic education, intercultural communication, social exclusion, active citizenship, conflict-management and environmental sustainability
    • Team-building workshops and activities with DrinkWise Working Group
    • Living in a real Soviet Camp
    • Learning camping traditions
    • Playing traditional pioneering games
    • Back to USSR experience
    • City tours & City games
    • Water and Sport activities (swimming in a lake, water bikes, windsurfing, olympic games)
    • Barbecue & Bonfire party
    • European Night
    • Traditional Polish & Belarusian dances
    • Workshops in Polish and Belarusian languages
    • Belarusian traditional arts
    • Cooking pierogi & draniki
    • Visiting Polish Upraising Museums, Polin museum of the history of Polish Jews
    • Visit to Polish Parliament
    • Invisible exhibition

Course Information:

Course level: Beginner
Course given by: We will have one trainer from DrinkWise and possibly one from CEWG. But the majoity of sessions will be provided by our organizers.
Supported by University: Yes

Join the Summer University and visit:


If you want to see an amazing city, which never sleeps, the city, where everyone can find a place for himself. Place, which you never forget about and surely, you will want to come back… again and again. Polish capital city is not only a home to most of the Polish business and politics but also a good place to look back into Polish history and current social inequalities. We will show you a city of contrasts, where a mixture of impressive skyscrapers rising above rebuilt historical landmarks creates an unique character of the city. But let’s don’t forget about the places to chill out, hang out and party til the sunrise!


Using the quiet and chill atmosphere of the lake surrounding we will have time take a deep dive into the topic of civic education. The learning process will be seasoned with water activities such as water bikes, windsurfing, kayaks, but also campfire, barbecue and much more.


Want to visit a museum city with its specific charm and cozy atmosphere? A city of temples, castles and king’s palaces steeped in legends? Want to try a unique dish from our melting pot of different cultures and nationalities?
Then Grodno is for you! It is one of the oldest cities on the territory of modern Belarus. The city is situated in the western part of the country on both banks of a picturesque Neman river. Our city is a unique and diverse place as it has absorbed the mix of ethnic and confessional groups on the border of Slavic and Baltic languages.

Augustow Canal

Have you got tired of civilization? Have you already forgotten how birds sing and trees talk? The Augustow Canal can help to settle all the issues. It is an outstanding hydraulic engineering construction and architectural monument of the 19th century, one of the largest channels in Europe, included in the provisional list of World Heritage Sites. The Augustow Canal is one of the major attractions of the Grodno region. There are only three such channels in the world: Caledonian in the UK, Sweden Gota Canal and Augustow Canal, located on the territory of Poland and Belarus.