Summer University 2017


Kingdom of Dragon Vol. VI: Rolling in the Deep Ebro

Organized by AEGEE-Zaragoza

Kingdom of Dragon Vol. VI: Rolling in the Deep Ebro Profile Picture
Want to have fun in a small village and become part of it for a few days? Want to mix the traditional AEGEE spirit and the wild parties and be a volunteer?
Want to discover a different SU? If so, join us! 15 years ago, AEGEE-Zaragoza organized the first Volunteering Summer University (VSU). Fortunately for you… this year we want to bring it back to life! The VSU concept comprises everything you can find in a typical SU, plus some extra activities such as working with children, theater, puppets, juggling, music or fancy dressing, aimed to bring the young spirit to a small traditional town of our region for a few days. We will organise interactive activities like theatre plays, pantomime, games and songs and all these will be offered to the people in some villages in our region, Aragón. But also, you will be able to get in contact with them and feel their warm hospitality.
Don’t miss this opportunity of discovering the deep Spain and bonding with their locals! But this isn’t all! We will start our adventure in Zaragoza… The Old Kingdom of the Dragon is waiting for you! We might not have beaches, but we can assure you that you will not miss them at all. Or do you think that more than 20 centuries of history and culture, stunning countryside, breathtaking monuments and plenty of sun aren’t enough? Come and enjoy some of the most beautiful places in Aragón, our region: the medieval villages of Albarracín and Alquézar are considered some of the most beautiful villages of Spain! Or maybe you want to get in love with the “Lovers of Teruel”? You will have the time of your life with us in the Amusement Park of Zaragoza, hiking, chilling at the spa, tasting the best Spanish wines and many other activities. And what to say about the legendary and wildest parties in Zárágózááááá, the center of the known Universe? Have you heard about our unique Pub Crawl? You will try the best homemade Sangría during our sleepless nights out. You can’t miss our European Night, Fake New Year’s Eve Night and many other thematic parties with the craziest disorganizers!. Are you interested in LGTB, Gender Equality and Sexual Education? If that concerns you, come, learn and discuss with us! Open your mind, be crazy, express yourself in many different ways, make great friends and share unforgettable memories in our SU with other 27 lucky participants! The friendship and the traditional AEGEE spirit are also in place… So all the ingredients are here, the only thing missing is… YOU!!! Don’t miss the opportunity to live the best Summer of your life in a different way!

General Information:

From: Wednesday, July 26th
To: Wednesday, August 9th
Starts in: Zaragoza
Ends in: Teruel
Type: Travelling Summer University info_outline
Thematic categories: Volunteering / Leisure
Fee: 195€ info_outline
28 Friends
Accomodation: Gym
Confirmation: Pay 100% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 35€
Used for: Amusement park and Spa
Alternative: City tour
Language: English and Spanish
Special equipment needed:
Suited for disabled people: No


The VSU concept includes everything you can expect from a typical SU, plus some activities aiming to bring the young spirit to a small traditional town for a few days… OH YEAH! The parties, the friendship and the traditional AEGEE spirit are also in place


Phone: +34 687 07 63 64

Our ideal participant:

    Our ideal participant is socially involved, tolerant, assertive, eager to volunteer and to make people have a great time. We are looking for people ready to express themselves, use their creativity, meet lots of new people, leave their print and, of course, party until dawn!! To sum up, we are looking for people ready to live the Summer of their lives!!
    If you are CREATIVE and you are ACTIVE, do not hesitate; this Summer University is for you!


    • City Tours in Zaragoza and Teruel
    • Trip to Albarracín
    • “Pozas” of Aragón
    • Tourist bus in Zaragoza
    • Treasure hunt and gymkhana
    • Aljafería Palace visit
    • Theme Park of Zaragoza
    • Thematic Nights and Parties
    • Fake New Year’s Eve Night
    • Sangría workshop
    • Winery trip and wine tasting
    • The unique AEGEE-Zaragoza's Pub Crawl
    • European Night.
    • Spa/beach in Zaragoza
    • Spanish language course
    • Workshops: LGBT+, Gender Equality and Sexual education.
    • And… Volunteering activities in the little charming villages!

Course Information:

Course level: Beginner
Course given by: Members from AEGEE-Zaragoza
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


Zaragoza is the fifth most populated city in Spain. Apart from its history and enviroment full of different cultures, Zaragoza is famous for being such a lively city, with interesting places, amusing events, leisure areas, student life and specially for its warming atmosphere and people!


It is a Spanish city located in the south of Aragon with a population of around 35,000 inhabitants.
It has an important Mudejar art heritage part of which has been recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage site, which we will see in the beautiful monuments and places in the city.
Famous for the story of The Lovers of Teruel. A young couple who died for love in Teruel and whose story we will know better there, with a theatre play and visiting the mausoleum. So if you want to fall in love in the SU, wait for Teruel!


Ready to travel in time? This 1,000 inhabitants town was declared National Monument in 1961 and is currently proposed by UNESCO to be declared a World Heritage Site. In the Middle Ages, it became the capital of its own Muslim Kingdom with an extraordinary castle still standing from that old period. Besides that building, the surrounding walls, the magnificent wooden mansions, the passages and alleys and the landscape will take you back without any effort to the Medieval Age. All these small details make Albarracín to be considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.


Considered to be one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, this 300 inhabitants, charming, lovely place is very well-known for its amazing ravine and beautiful buildings and landscapes. The most significant monuments are the big church, its Castle and the breath-taking sights of the surroundings you can enjoy from them. It’s a perfect place for hiking and going on excursion through nature.

Villages of Aragon

“Spain might be renowned for its coast and beaches, but it is also home to dozens of quaint little towns that give Spain the charm that deserves.
We will have to move to Aragón’s deep villages to feel the real heart of our country. With and a location suggestive of a secret redoubt, the places we will go have the quality of a quiet and intimate fairytale.
There is something timeless about this places, surrounded by the hospitality of the villagers who will treat you even better than their grandchildren, we assure you you’ll be able to feel there is some kind of magic during those days of the SU”