Summer University 2018

1st of September 2018

Deadline to send photos or videos for the Photo Contest is 20th September. Remember that photos or videos have to be your own work!

1st of September 2018

Deadline to fill in or edit evaluations is 20th September.

1st of September 2018

Deadline to send Financial Report (template) to SUCT is 20th September.

7th of June 2018

Codexes for organisers and participants can be found here.

3rd of June 2018

Compulsory sessions are now online here!

18th of May 2018

Results for participants will be out on 18th May at 20.00 CEST.

12th of February 2018

The List of Summer Universities is now online!

1st of February 2018

You can see this year's timeline here!

25th of January 2018

Outgoing Responsible, order maps here.

15th of January 2018

New deadline to apply for the 30 years of Summer University Project Team is 22nd of January, 13.00 CET!

1st of January 2018

Deadline to register your Outgoing Responsible is 29th January 2018, 13.00 CET!

17th of December 2017

Booklet for cooperating with European Bodies can be found here.

4th of December 2017

Start of submission period! Submit your SU until 22nd of January, 13.00 CET! You can find booklets here:

alt text
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