Summer University 2018


AEGEE of Mythology vol.II : Gods are back!

Organized by AEGEE-Catania

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AEGEE Catania Summer University "AEGEE of Mythology vol.II : Gods are back!" is a 13 day exchange centred on the culture and history of our island, Sicily. The SU will take place from 4th to 16th August in the centre of Catania, and will give the opportunity to about 40 people to discover and enjoy the beauty of our land and the history and myths present in the territory, while developing artistic and creative skills. In order to acheive our goals, we are going to organize different activities: first of all the participants are going to visit some of the most ancient cities of Sicily, to enjoy the landscapes of the Magna Grecia. In every place visited they will be asked to overcome some challenges, that may be related to crafting or simple games. Secondly, there will be many workshops during the event, some related to our culture in particular and others linked to AEGEE, its spirit and vision. As the weather will be very hot during the days of our SU, many of the activities planned will be held at the seaside. Unfortunately for our participants, this won't mean to lay out in the sun all day long, but rather participate actively to our workshops and games while having fun together.

General Information:

From: Saturday, August 4th
To: Thursday, August 16th
Starts in: Catania
Ends in: Catania
Type: Summer Course info_outline
Thematic categories: Arts, Creativity and Cooking /
Fee: 168€ info_outline
45 Friends
Accomodation: Student dormitories
Confirmation: Send copy of the ticket AND pay 100% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 40€
Used for: Trip to volcano Etna, trip to Taormina
Alternative: Trips around the baroquian and neoclassical churches in Catania
Language: English, Italian
Special equipment needed:
Suited for disabled people: No


Creativity and divergent thinking as a way to express your originality, unicity and inner ideas in the island of mythology


Phone: +393338850361

Our ideal participant:

    Energetic, active, creative, courageous, open-minded, and survivor of sleepless nights. ATTENTION: Get ready for everything and especially for a sleepless and awesome event!


    -Ice breaking games -Acting workshops -Special treasure hunting -Exclusive clubs and parties -Beach parties -Pool parties -Cooking courses on sicilian food -Cultural European night -Thematic Games and Workshops -TRIP TO: -Siracusa -Taormina -Acicastello -Acitrezza -Nicolosi -Etna (excursion to the craters)

Course Information:

Course: First part will be a lecture while the second will be a practical workshop
Timetable: Around 2 hours per day, so 14 per week, 22 hours in total.
Course level: Intermediate
Course given by: Ambra Tabbì, Salvatore Schillaci, Giuseppe Aquilino
Equipment: Notebooks, pens, markers, paper, colours, cloth
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


is an Italian city on the east coast of Sicily facing the Ionian Sea, between Messina and Syracuse. It is the capital of the Province of Catania, and is the second-largest city in Sicily, the tenth in Italy, and the hundredth-largest city in the European Union.

Catania is known for its seismic history, having been destroyed by a catastrophic earthquake in 1169, another in 1693, and several volcanic eruptions from the neighboring Mount Etna volcano, the most violent of which was in 1669.

Catania has had a long and eventful history, having been founded in the 8th century BC. In 1434, it witnessed the opening of the first university in Sicily. Then in the 14th century and into the Renaissance period, Catania was one of Italy's most important and flourishing cultural, artistic, and political centers


Etna is an active stratovolcano on the east coast of Sicily, Italy, in the Province of Catania, between Messina and Catania. It lies above the convergent plate margin between the African Plate and the Eurasian Plate. It is the tallest active volcano in Europe, currently 3,329 m (10,922 ft) high, though this varies with summit eruptions


The area around Taormina was inhabited by the Siculi even before the Greeks arrived on the Sicilian coast in 734 BC to found a town called Naxos. The theory that Tauromenion was founded by colonists from Naxos is confirmed by Strabo and other ancient writers. Now Taormina is a small town on the east coast of the island of Sicily, Italy, midway between Messina and Catania. Taormina has been a tourist destination since the 19th century. Its beaches are accessible via an aerial tramway on the Ionian sea and via highways from Messina in the north and Catania in the south.


It is a town in Sicily, southern Italy, a frazione of the comune of Aci Castello, c. 10 km north of Catania, with a population of around 5,000 people.
Located on the coast of the Ionian Sea, the village has a long history of maritime activity. Aci Trezza is a popular spot for Italian vacationers in the summer. The patron Saint of the town is St. John the Baptist. The Festa of San Giovanni is celebrated each year during the last week of June 24 in his honor.Of the coast of Aci Trezza are three tall, column-shaped islands. According to local legend, these great stones are the ones thrown at Odysseus in The Odyssey. The islands are referred to as the "isole dei ciclopi" (islands of the Cyclops, or Cyclopean Isles) by locals. This compliments the notion that the Cyclops once had a smithy below Mount Etna, which looms over the village to the northwest.

The town of Aci Castello developed around the castle, which was built in 1076 by the Normans upon the foundations of a 7th-century Byzantine fortification. In 1169, Aci Castello started to expand after an eruption of Mount Etna made the towns in its vicinity uninhabitable. The castle later became the property of the bishops of Catania. The city is located 9 kilometres (6 mi) north of Catania on the Mediterranean coast. The primary economic sectors are agriculture and industry (in Catania). The city is neighbored by Aci Catena, Acireale, Catania, San Gregorio di Catania and Valverde.


is a historic city in Sicily, the capital of the province of Syracuse. The city is notable for its rich Greek history, culture, amphitheatres, architecture. Syracuse is located in the southeast corner of the island of Sicily, right by the Gulf of Syracuse next to the Ionian Sea.