Summer University 2018


A series of volunteering events in Transylvania

Open Call!

Organized by AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca & AEGEE-Ploiesti

A series of volunteering events in Transylvania  Profile Picture
Do you know that feeling when you forget that you’re volunteering to help to change lives, because it’s changing yours? There is no place you would rather be this summer than Cluj-Napoca, where young people are building a strong community through volunteering and where the nights are young, magical and endless. The city is abounding with volunteering opportunities to choose from, where you can learn new skills, help others and make a lot of friends and opportunities to engage in arts such as theater improvisation, design and handmade crafts that will enhance your imagination, make you step out of your comfort zone and help you find creative solutions to the challenges you'll face. In the place where more tourists arrive in one year than the number of its inhabitants, Cluj-Napoca offers vibrant gothic, byzantine and eclectic architecture, making you feel the city's history through every building and every place you go. Kind and friendly people who will greet you with a "Servus" and a smile. When the night will come, it’s gonna be a challenge for you to pub crawl in all the pubs on the Piezisa street in one night and to find the way to Cetatuia hill to kiss your crush under the starry sky. Your limits will be tested when you will feel the adrenaline at Aventura Park and afterwards you will receive your chill time with a Hookah by your side in Samsara galaxy-themed room. What is a party without palinca? In Cluj you will never miss that. If we've captured your attention, come share your talents, your passion for volunteering and your party animal spirit with us.

General Information:

From: Friday, August 10th
To: Monday, August 20th
Starts in: Cluj-Napoca
Ends in: Cluj-Napoca
Type: Summer Course info_outline
Thematic categories: Volunteering / Arts, Creativity and Cooking
Fee: 140€ info_outline
35 Friends
Accomodation: Hostel, dorms
Confirmation: Send copy of the ticket AND pay 50% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 25€
Used for: Aventura Park, Spa
Alternative: Free time, Games
Language: English, Romanian
Special equipment needed: Swimsuit
Suited for disabled people: No


Making the world a better place


Phone: +40749420794

Our ideal participant:

    We hope your curiosity will get you out of your comfort zone, and push you to try new things this summer. Your altruism will make you reach out to help other people through different and exciting volunteering activities. Your energy will fill up the places where we will go, and you'll always be fueled up and ready to get involved, take up a new challenge, explore, and make an impact in our community through all the volunteering we'll do. (Don't forget to keep some energy for the parties, too!) We also hope that your people skills will stand out during the times we will work together for a cause, or when we'll try something artistic and fun. And your creativity will allow you to discover new skills you didn't think you've had or even put in practice what you already do best! So come and show us your artistic side, you'll get the chance to put your creativity to work here! See you soon in the heart of Transylvania!


  • Design, Creativity, Dancing, Language, First Aid, Improvisation workshops
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Eco friendly, humanitarian and community volunteering
  • City tour
  • Pub crawl and till the morning thematic parties
  • European Night
  • Visiting Botanical Garden, Salt Mines, Sic thickets and Dancing museum
  • Games and social activities
  • Campfire and ghost stories in Baciu
  • Drinking palinca and Hookas night

Course Information:

Course level: Beginner
Course given by: Experienced AEGEE members
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


Cluj-Napoca, the unofficial capital of Transylvania and the European Youth Capital in 2015, is the gathering point of volunteers and young people who want to change the world. The city can bewitch you in no time with its baroque architecture, bohemian café society and vibrant nightlife. There are over 100.000 students living here because of the city’s well-known universities and opportunities.

Sic Village

Sic is an unique village near Cluj-Napoca. Here you can find the well-known natural reed reservation, considered a "little delta" of Transylvania. It's a protected area where a lot of bird species live. You can cross it from one side to the other on a wooden deck, and its charm will take you away from the buzz of the city, and make you recall the beauty and calm of nature. Marshes, ponds, rushing vegetation and a wooden tower can be found here, making it a unique, pittoresque scenery .You can also find "Muzeul Dansului" in Sic, whose owner wants to promote and keep the history and traditions of the village alive through the museum. You will notice how time seemed to have stopped here, and the place will take you to another period in time.

Hoia Baciu Forest

Rumored to be haunted for decades, the Hoia Baciu forest is special in the way strange, hard to explain phenomena happen here. Several mysterious occurances have been investigated throughout the years, as it is one of the places around the world where inexplicable events happen. It is considered a "Purgatorium" by some, and the mysteries of the forest didn't cease to surprise: from occurances of UFOs, or forms that resembled UFOs seen in the sky, to ghosts and the uneasy feeling people have when they are in the forest, this place could be the perfect setting for ghost stories around a campfire, if you want to live the real spooky Transylvanian spirit.

Turda Salt Mine

Everyone who visits the city of Turda has to see the salt mine museum. The settlement is excellently preserved and it will take your breath away with its spectacular sights. You will get the chance to tour different operating rooms and mine galleries which measure more than 100m in depth. Many people come here for the optimal saline concentration in the air, known for its health properties. On the fun side, you can play table tennis, mini golf, pool and many other games, and you can rent a boat and have a trip across the salty water, or enjoy the view from the panoramic wheel.