Summer University 2018


sLOVEnia at first sight II. aka The green adventure

Open Call! no Spanish

Organized by AEGEE-Maribor & AEGEE-Ljubljana

In cooperation with Society and Environment Interest Group

sLOVEnia at first sight II. aka The green adventure Profile Picture
Our Travelling summer university starts with the first beautiful location, as we are staying in Maribor for the first five days. The city with its surroundings has so much amazing history, culture and traditions to offer you. We will experience it through an amazing city tour, discover it on your own with a fun city rally and in your free time. Maribor will also be the first location of the SU where you will get to know our thematic part of the SU, learning on how easy and fun it can be to be green in your everyday life.

We want the group of participants and organizers to know each other right from the start of the event as we believe an atmosphere like that will make the SU awesome. That is why the initial days include a royal treatment upon arrival and just getting to know each other with the people, that will become your family for the next two weeks. We will have fun with sports activities at a picnic location called Fontana and continue with the European night, already on one of the first days. Although you will not have a chance to see the Slovenian sea during the SU, that will not stop us from swimming multiple times, initially already at a swimming pool in Maribor. Our main effort is to prepare everyday program for you, that will be a perfect balance between fun activities, interesting thematic content and social program.

As our event is a traveling summer university, we will always be on the go and visit all kinds of Slovenian treasures. We will climb to Pohorje (a well-known ski resort that is an awesome location also during summer), visit the oldest city in Slovenia named Ptuj and other great places. After the first week we will depart on a longer voyage from north-east to west Slovenia, reaching the city Tolmin, our second headquarters for the duration of the SU. The city has vast plains of nature resorts and unlimited ways of free time and sports activities. This is also the place, where we will conquer the river Soča, as rafting is an optional fee activity just too awesome to miss. Our stay in Tolmin will be short but sweet, as we will board the bus again to meet our last location, the capital Ljubljana, with a side quest at a city called Bled during the way. We know you will not believe us until you see it, but Bled is the location of the only island Slovenia has to offer, and yes it is in the middle of the mountains. We will spend the whole day here and give you enough time to chill and swim in the lake, relax, make epic photos and so much more. Before you know it you will already be in Ljubljana, prepared and rested for the last short week of our stay together.

Ljubljana is located in the center of Slovenia and that is why it has been a crossroads for multiple civilizations and cultures throughout centuries. We want to share everything with you, that is why a city tour, scavenger hunt and fun activities will give you an opportunity to see the magic of the city of dragons. You will visit and party at Metelkova, a small unique city center devoted to alternative art and culture. You will participate in activities that will be organized in cooperation with the Society and environment Interest group, learning about the topic in workshops and bringing your experience to the streets in practice. A whole day will also be devoted for a hike to Velika planina, a place where you will see with your own eyes, that cows are not purple like in Milka comercials. We don´t want to spoil all of the surprises for you, so let´s just keep some things secret for now, As you might have gotten a feel aleready, Slovenia has vast natural treasures, that we are proud of and want to share with you. That is why we also feel that sustainability and envirornmental protection is a valuable addition to our event and lifestyle, as nature is a privilege that should be maintained for generations to come. The whole event will include fun exercises, interactive workshops built on your interests and knowledge, games and activities in practice. We don´t need much, to make this world a better place, and with your energy and great ideas, we are sure that we will be successful.

Everything is set. The only thing missing for this summer to be really awesome and unforgettable is for you to visit our wonderful chicken shaped country this July, and be a part of our family for the duration of two weeks and years to come. Don´t be shy and don´t deny, that SLOVEnia was your love at first sight for this summer. A green adventure is waiting for you, so don´t hesitate, and just apply.

General Information:

From: Tuesday, July 10th
To: Monday, July 23rd
Starts in: Maribor
Ends in: Ljubljana
Type: Travelling Summer University info_outline
Thematic categories: Green SU / History and Local Culture
Fee: 182€ info_outline
40 Friends
Accomodation: Gyms
Confirmation: Pay 100% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 30€
Used for: Rafting in Tolmin
Alternative: Walk in the nature
Language: English
Special equipment needed: Mattress, sleeping bag, swimsuit
Suited for disabled people: No


The summer university aims at bringing a whole experience of history, culture and green nature that embody what it means to be Slovenian, all brought to you by fun program and thematic activities built on the field of sustainability.


Phone: +38651763068

Our ideal participant:

    Our ideal participant is always full of energy and motivated to cooperate in the activities we prepared. Our Summer university will mostly take place in numerous locations of the Slovene outdoors, climbing mountains and conquering challenges like Velika planina so let´s just say that our perfect participant would have to be adventurous and love sports activities. But the most important characteristic that we value more than any other is the curiosity and motivation to explore all the hidden natural wonders, historic and cultural treasures, culinary specialties, the Slovene language and so much more, that our beautiful chicken shaped country has to offer. We will prepare fun thematic activities on the topic of green and great social events in the evening, so prepare to have the summer of your life.


    • City tour in Ljubljana, Maribor, Bled
    • Visit to historical city of Ptuj
    • Visit to Pohorje and Mariborski otok
    • Visit to lake Bled and swimming in the lake
    • Climb to Velika Planina
    • Photoquest in Maribor
    • Scavenger hunt in Ljubljana
    • Sports activities in Maribor, Tolmin and Ljubljana
    • Visit to autonomous city centre Metelkova
    • European night

Course Information:

Course: In the classroom as well as outside in the nature. Some of them will be more practical while others will be more fun in the evening.
Timetable: Around 10 hours of interactive classroom lessons, 8 hours of practical activities and 4 hours of evening activities on the topic of sustainability
Course level: Beginner
Course given by: Trainers from Society and the Environment Interest Group
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


Maribor is the second biggest city in Slovenia located in the northeastern part of the country. It is a place with a grand potential for everyone fascinated by culture and history, as it is located at a geographically significant place influenced by many cultures and nations throughout history. It's landmarks include the city centre, the riverside Lent and the river Drava, that has always had a significance to the local people and their everyday life. The town is also well known for being a location for one of the universities in Slovenia, making it a modern and culturally rich place. It is worth mentioning, that Maribor has a guiness record for the oldest documented wine tree that dates to nearly 500 years in the past, influencing its gastronomic diversity. Today the wine made from this nobile veteran is held as a gift for all celebrities, political figures and other people who have significantly contributed to the promotion and development of the city.


Ljubljana is the biggest slovenian city and capital, geographically located in the middle of the country. The city has a grand history that dates back to a historical era before the Roman empire. As such, the city is full of treasures with historical and cultural significance at a local and national level, just waiting to be discovered. These include the medieval history centre, the cities architecture style that was strongly influenced by the biggest Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik, the Ljubljana castle that is guarding the whole city from a hill top and other interesting sites. It is a modern and socially vibrant city, that is tolerant and inclusive. If you are a fan of legends and myths look no further, and join us in the city of dragons Ljubljana this summer.


Tolmin is a city in the western part of Slovenia, notorious for the amazing nature reserves, that surround it. The main attraction is the river Soča, that has always been an inspiration for poets and other artists, based on it´s magical blue/green shade of water. The city is a place of historical value for Slovenia, and at the same time has gained cultural significance in the last decades as it becomes the setting of multiple international music events during summer time.


Bled has been an important touristic location in Slovenia from its establishment onwards. It is located in the middle of a mountain landscape in Slovenia and is mostly well known for the Bled island, the only island our country has to offer. The city offers a wide range of sports activities like hiking (to a hilltop called Ojstrica, with a view that is instagram worthy), swimming in the lake in summer time, sailing by small boats or traditional boats called pletna and others. If you are more an enthusiast for history, than a visit to the island, Bled castle or rowing centre are the places where you will find out all about the folklore and myths on how this glacier shaped valley came to be.