Summer University 2018


(I can't get no) Sofistication

Open Call! 2 males, no spanish, no italians

Organized by AEGEE-Sofia

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Most of you have probably seen the Bulgarian flag – white, green and red – but do you know what they represent in the context of the country and its people?

White symbolizes not only the snow on top of our beautiful mountains all across the country but also peace and freedom, harmony achieved after centuries of challenges that we have overcome together and that have contributed to our rich history, culture and traditions. Green represents the beauty of our landscape – our fields, plains, countrysides, forests and so many more places where you can feel at one with nature. Red is for the blood always running in our veins, the life that is all around and that is ready to make you an active part of it this summer!

Come to Bulgaria and experience an amazing variety of what our humble yet diverse country has to offer! We’ll get your blood pumping with a great number of activities, sports, dancing, exploring the country, partying during the day and at night until your heart’s content! Your mind and soul will also be nourished as we take you on a historical, architectural and cultural trip of Bulgaria throughout the years, and to finish everything off nicely we’ll even have the sun and sand at the marvellous Black Sea take care of your skin.

General Information:

From: Thursday, August 16th
To: Thursday, August 30th
Starts in: Sofia
Ends in: Varna
Type: Travelling Summer University info_outline
Thematic categories: Sports / History and Local Culture
Fee: 196€ info_outline
25 Friends
Accomodation: Hostels
Confirmation: Pay 100% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 40€
Used for: 1. Waterfalls Kara Bunar nature trip and visiting Roman Ruins Nicopolis ad Istrum 2. Day trip to the sea resort Balchik visiting the Botanical garden and spending the afternoon on the beach with waterbike rides.
Alternative: 1. Picnic in the park with outdoor games. 2. Additional beach day in Varna. Needed equipment: comfortable shoes and swimsuits.
Language: English
Special equipment needed:
Suited for disabled people: No


Experiencing Bulgarian culture with a touch of sports and occasional dances


Phone: +359885528699

Our ideal participant:

    The people we are looking for are open-minded, active and interactive, always searching for ways to enrich their knowledge and satisfy their interests from experiences with others and the world around them. Ideal candidates are dynamic, energetic souls, with appreciation for both the old and the more modern, ready to take on new adventures and to dive in new waters – metaphorically and literally! People that can enjoy and express themselves and participate actively in different types of festivities are highly regarded in Bulgaria!


  • Local culture
  • Local History
  • Sports and team building activities
  • Dances and having fun

Course Information:

Course level: Beginner
Course given by: Local trainers
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


This is the second largest capital in the Balkans and the second oldest capital in Europe. The broad streets of the center, covered with shining yellow pavement, will lead you to the marvelous sights of the city, most prominent of which is the Aleksander Nevski Cathedral. It is truly a remarkable experience to stand at the steps of the biggest Orthodox church in this part of Europe or to walk around and perceive the historical buildings and how they are integrated into the new look of the city. Hidden behind the great Vitosha mountain (“the tallest mountain in the world” according to the native city inhabitants), the city of the old and new awaits you. It is only here where you can fully understand the connection between the antique and modern. Bursting with life and energy, always awake, it is not only old, but so so new, true to its motto - “It grows but does not age.”

Rila Monastery

The monastery is a hidden treasure protected by the mountain. It is small and white and surrounded by old trees. The sacred, the secret, the minuscule inside the massive. This is the monastery, build by one of the most prominent saints in Orthodox Christianity – Saint John of Rila. He chose this place for a reason – so remote and so magnificent, the only true location to properly worship God. You should see for yourselves how a mountain could appear both distant and close, both small and enormous, both frightening and friendly. Come and perceive the spirit of Rila!

Veliko Tarnovo

One of the old lost capitals of Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo spreads its ancient roots on top of three hills. The name Veliko means great in Bulgarian, and so it is to represent the history and culture of the old city. The seat of Bulgarian kings, its walls have seen many battles and its taverns have endured many victory feasts. The beauty of Veliko Tarnovo could only be perceived with wandering eyes by a true lover of history and culture.


Located at the northern seaside of the pristine Black Sea, Varna is Bulgaria's sea capital and the European Youth Capital for 2017. Varna is a city that has interesting places and all kinds of experiences to offer every day of the week, for all kinds of tastes. Its rich history and architecture are pleasing for both the eyes and the mind, from artefacts from the oldest golden treasure in the world to the Roman Thermae. The people in Varna are kind, hospitable, and lively all around the clock - the sandy beaches during the day and the party-filled clubs during the night are great places to relax, unwind and forget the stress of daily life. Life in Varna is very refreshing and active, from the youth festivals to the sports and activities at the beaches and in the city's parks, tennis courts and Olympic-sized swimming pools, horseback riding, a Dolphinarium, it's a place where you can truly find ways to enjoy life to the fullest.