Summer University 2018


Find your Ithaca: The Greek Odyssey

Open Call! No Spanish, no Italians

Organized by AEGEE-Thessaloníki

Find your Ithaca: The Greek Odyssey  Profile Picture
Are you a real traveler like Odysseus? Are you looking for your own special “Ithaca” since many years? Do you have heroic strength and guile to outsmart monsters, gods and goddesses that will try to seduce you and become the next hero of Greece?
Join our crew and help us reach our destination! The journey is gonna be full of mysteries! Athena will guide and protect us in every step. You need to be brave enough to face Skylla and Charibdis. You need to be smart so you can trick the scary Cyclops. Poseidon is angry again. Don't worry! He can't stop us from having fun!
Τοgether we will explore the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, and also known as the city that never sleeps. We will get in touch with the rich culture and the famous Greek hospitality. Heading South we will visit Volos, a beautiful historic city with a magnificent sunset. There you will have the chance to taste all the traditional Greek delicacies just a few steps away from the sea and learn how to dance like a real Greek. At the same time you will discover by yourself the myths and legends of the mountain Pelion and swim in some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece! What’s more? We will sail to Skiathos, one of the most popular Greek islands among young people, that it is famous for the idyllic landscapes and the amazing nightlife. The gorgeous seas are waiting for us! We will dive in the crystal clear water and relax under the hot sun. Beautiful mermaids, sirens and other magnificent creatures are going to enchant you, but you must not forget your destination!
The road is long…Will you manage to find your “Ithaca”? Apply and get ready for the funniest and craziest days of your life!!!

General Information:

From: Thursday, July 26th
To: Monday, August 6th
Starts in: Thessaloniki
Ends in: Skiathos
Type: Summer Course info_outline
Thematic categories: History and Local Culture / Sports
Fee: 154€ info_outline
25 Friends
Accomodation: Gym, student dormitories
Confirmation: Pay 100% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 30€
Used for: Boat cruise and Water sports in Skiathos island
Alternative: Visiting other parts of the island or relaxing by the beach
Language: English, Greek
Special equipment needed: Sleeping bag and mattress, swimming pants, suncream, comfortable walking shoes, flip flops
Suited for disabled people: No


Dive in the depths of Greek culture and become an expertise.


Phone: +306970858924

Our ideal participant:

    Our ideal participant is someone who always wears a great big smile. He is energetic, enthusiastic and has an excellent sense of humor. He is the last one to leave the party and the first one who is ready for our hiking adventure next morning. He admires the greek history and culture and did always wanted to learn how to dance syrtaki. Like a real traveler that he is, he never stops to enjoy every moment of the journey!


    • The funniest ice-breaking and team-building games
    • Thessaloniki bike city tour and boat tour
    • Visiting the White Tower and the Archaelogical Museum of Thessaloniki
    • Greek language workshop
    • Greek dances and cuisine workshop
    • Beach day, beach games and parties
    • Treasure hunt
    • Hiking
    • Quiz night about Greek mythology
    • Photo contest
    • Partner Yoga workshop
    • Pub crawl
    • Massage workshop
    • Traditional Greek taverna night
    • Water sports
    • Self defence workshop

Course Information:

Timetable: 14 hours per week of activities directly connected to Greek History and Culture, Sports and also mandatory workshops about AEGEE.
Course level: Beginner
Course given by: Experienced local members and experts in the field
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


Thessaloniki itself never doubted its own Cultural identity and its millennia of existence, it stands there since 315BC named after Alexander’s the Great sister. Historically one of Europe’s oldest and most multiethnic cities, widely considered as the cultural capital of Greece, is truly unique in the sense that it intricately marries its thousands-year-old multicultural heritage and the architectural marvels with the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Sephardic Jew history. The cutting-edge art performances and cinematic avant-garde, Arts and Entertainment hubs all-in-one, numerous monuments, fifteen listed at the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the 5km meandering waterfront, make Thessaloniki a “must-see destination”.


Volos is one of the largest and most attractive cities in Greece as well as one of the country’s most prominent ports. The modern-day city, built near the site of ancient Iolcos, dominates the region of Magnesia from its position at the foot of Mount Pelion overlooking the Pagasetic Gulf. This is one of the most beautiful areas in Thessaly, in the center of Greece combining the allure of the sea with the mystical charm of the Centaurs’ mountain. The sea creates a wonderful seafront with picturesque little restaurants, the famous tsipouradika, which is perfect when combined with seafood teasers. Follow the paved Argonauts Avenue on the seafront and relax with a stunning view to the open sea.


Pelion is a mountain in the heart on the Greek territory, very close to the city of Volos. It is a very smooth, quiet mountain without dangerous ravines or canyons, its close proximity to the sea makes it much more interesting. Beautiful landscapes, rich forested mountain slopes, villages hidden in verdure, steep gorges and cliffs, impressive mountains, melodiously flowing waters and charming beaches are just some of the features of the exquisite nature of Pelion. On summer, the mountain resembles paradise. The greenery offers breeze while the trees offer shade and rest, the wildflowers and herbs offer scent and accompany the walks while the beaches are filled offering to visitors lifetime swimming experiences.


Skiathos, the most cosmopolitan island in the Northern Sporades, is truly a paradise on earth, with lush pine forests and crystal-clear azure waters. The island is picturesque, unspoilt and blessed with more than 60 beautifully clean beaches. Natural beauty with stunning views of neighbouring islands, secluded beaches even in high season, a cosmopolitan nightlife, and superb Greek and international cuisine.