Summer University 2018


Strive to be a SUcceeder, tHRive to be a leader!

Organized by AEGEE-Tartu & AEGEE-Tallinn

In cooperation with Human Resources Committee of AEGEE-Europe

Strive to be a SUcceeder, tHRive to be a leader! Profile Picture
Are you interested in becoming a kick-ass achiever whilst having the time of your life? Get ready for the most fun, inspirational and educational workshops delivered by some of the best trainers in AEGEE! You'll learn about personal development, self-management and the positive impact of volunteering through interactive, non-formal sessions. So don’t miss out! Join us to experience all that and a hell of a lot more!

We’ll visit three very different Estonian cities, where we will see the sights, experience the culture, revel in the nightlife and be entertained by a fabulous social programme. We’ll also join the buzz at the Folk Music Festival where you’ll discover why Estonians are called the Singing Nation and celebrate the Estonian ways.

Located in the north-eastern corner of Europe, Estonia is known for her nature, e-culture and go-getter attitude of its people. One third of Estonians partake in volunteering whether cleaning up the entire country of the trash, searching and finding missing persons, or bringing various music, film and sport festivals to life! Our entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in the vibrant startup scene and we certainly know how to work hard and play even harder. Sounds like the summer of your life? Your adventure awaits! Apply now!

**Disclaimer** The amount of fun included in this SU may lead to the following symptoms: sleepless nights, excessive smiling, inspiration overload, too many friends, warm emotions in your heart and shedding tears when saying goodbye.

This message was brought to you by AEGEE-Tallinn, AEGEE-Tartu and the AEGEE HR Committee

General Information:

From: Monday, July 23rd
To: Sunday, August 5th
Starts in: Tallinn
Ends in: Tartu
Type: Summer Course+ info_outline
Thematic categories: Training /
Fee: 182€ info_outline
22 Friends
Accomodation: Gym
Confirmation: Send copy of the ticket AND pay 50% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 40€
Used for: Adventure park, folk festival, TV tower visit
Alternative: Exploring Viljandi and Tallinn, a walk on Elva lake shore
Language: English
Special equipment needed: matresses, sleeping bags
Suited for disabled people: No


Recharge your internal battery and get motivated while discovering magical Estonia!


Phone: +372 56475631

Our ideal participant:

    If you’re motivated, sleeplessness resistant, adventurous, happy and love having fun then you’re the participant we’re looking for!


    • Interactive and energetic workshops
    • Magical social nights
    • City Quest
    • Pub crawl
    • Private cottage party
    • Sauna
    • Folk dance workshop
    • Adventure park
    • Tallinn ghost tour
    • Tartu graffiti tour
    • Photo hunt
    • Superhero themed party
    • International Folk Music Festival in Viljandi
    • Estonian language workshop
    • TV Tower visit

Course Information:

Course: We will use the methodology of non-formal education. Understanding the motivation of importance behind certain HR skills trough playful games and tests and general NFE methodology. Sometimes a small introduction is provided, sometimes we surprise participants by throwing them into situations and letting them reflect afterwards. Important is to ‘put’ the skill in practice for understanding and feeling their effects and importance. Then theoretically evaluating and analysing what happened. The ultimate goal is to solidify the understanding of a certain skills, which support the participants in managing themselves in volunteering environments
Course level: Beginner
Course given by: Erwin Groot (HRC), Elena Panagopoulou (HRC), Matthias Felder (HRC)
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. It is one of the oldest cities in Northern Europe. It’s picturesque Old Town has been dubbed a World Heritage site by UNESCO and has won the hearts of countless visitors. Like the country itself, Tallinn is a city of contrasts. Walking from an ultramodern business district to windy cobblestone streets of a medieval city takes just 5 minutes. Bike 10 minutes from an old Soviet factory that has been converted to a hipster paradise and you will find yourself at a quiet beach. Come and discover Tallinn’s endless facets and ability surprise!


Viljandi is a bohemian town with its own special charm. It’s filled with historic atmosphere, receiving town privileges already in 1283. The town is surrounded by breathtaking nature, including Lake Viljandi lying in a deep primeval valley. Small in number but big in spirit, the town boasts a busy Hanseatic culture, inviting to traditional events like Viljandi international FOLK music festival and Hanseatic days every year. Come see what an estonian small town really is like - what hidden treasures might you discover?


Second largest city in Estonia, Tartu is known as the capital of the students, flooded with their energetic spirit all year round. It is situated in the south of Estonia beside the river called Emajõgi and it's a part of the UNESCO City of Literature network. Every year thousands of freshmen come to this city to start a new chapter in their lives, which fills the streets with hope, fun, and of course student romance. Tartu will provide you with memories you won’t forget!