Summer University 2018

Summer University Project School

A perfect combination of getting valuable knowledge and meeting energetic people. We will be delivering useful skills by experienced trainers to be sure that you will be ready to organise the best Summer University 2019!


What is it?

SUPS is the perfect place to improve your organizational skills, or to learn how to organise a Summer University from scratches. As a participant you will develop useful knowledge about project management, logistics, risk assessment, leadership, public speaking and everything else as a Summer University organiser has to deal with. The trainers are experienced organisers, who will share their knowledge to help and motivate you to organise the best Summer University in 2019!

Who is it for?

This year we have two different kind of SUPS:

The Classic SUPS is designed for all SU organisers who would like to become proficient in the basics of organising SU’s and share best practices with experienced trainers. SUPS is the right place to improve your organisational skills, to take a greater look at event management, to get motivated and inspired, to acquire new competences and to exchange experience!

The Advanced SUPS, on the other hand, is thought for more experienced organisers: those who already know how to deal with a budget and a program, how to make proper announcements, how important every role is, but they crave for a deeper understanding of group dynamics, team management, grants writing; Advanced SUPS is thought for those who really want to master the Art of SU.

If you want to compare, here is the list of topics for both formats.

Classic SUPS - Brescia, Italy

Nov 30th - Dec 3rd 2018 | 40 €

Trainers: Carina Van Hoof, Paolo Ghisleni, Pedro Castro Dos Santos, Roberto Rossetto

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Advanced SUPS - Aachen, Germany

Advanced SUPS

Dec 7th - 10th 2018 | 40 €

Trainers: Felix Gepunkt, Jorge Sanchez Hernandez, Lucia Gavulova, Maya Tielemann, Roberto Rossetto

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SUPS 2017-18

SUPS 2017 happened in 5 beautiful cities: Barcelona, Aachen, Budapest, Amsterdam and Cagliari!

SUPS 2016-17

SUPS 2017 happened in 5 beautiful cities: Berlin, Voronezh, Tartu, Las Palmas and Skopje!

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