Summer University 2018

Summer University Project School

A perfect combination of getting valuable knowledge and meeting energetic people. We will be delivering useful skills by experienced trainers to be sure that you will be ready to organize the best Summer University 2018!


SUPS is the perfect place to learn how to organize a Summer University. As a participant you will learn about project management, budgeting, risk assessment, leadership, how to deliver workshops, public speaking and everything else you need to know as a Summer University organizer. The trainers are experienced organizers who will share their knowledge with you to help and motivate you to organize the best Summer University in 2018! So that we can reach more people, this year there will be five four-days SUPS with many different trainers in five different cities.

Target group

SUPS is aimed for future organizers of Summer Universities who want to improve their project management skills and make the best out of their Summer University. It doesn’t matter if you’re new or you have already some experience. If you want to make the best Summer University your antenna has ever seen, any of the SUPS are the place to be.

Cagliari, Italy

1-4 March 2018 | 45€

Trainers: Spyros Papadatos, Midas Veraart, Lucia de la Puente Alonso, Vasiliki Andrioti

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

16-19 February 2018 | 50€

Trainers: Philipp Blum, Ksenia Lupanova, Ana Potočnik, Grzegorz Marcenzki

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Budapest, Hungary

1-4 February 2018 | 50€

Trainers: Tamara Ilievska, Peter Šuligoj, Tim Mollenhauer, Lucia Gavulova

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Aachen, Germany

23-26 November 2017 | 40€

Trainers: Philipp Blum, Ksenia Lupanova, Ekaterina Popova

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Barcelona, Spain

16-19 November 2017 | 50€

Trainers: Rali Mihaylova, Mayri Tiido, Gerardo Garcia Diaz

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SUPS 2017

SUPS 2017 happened in 5 beautiful cities: Berlin, Voronezh, Tartu, Las Palmas and Skopje!

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