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31st of October 2019

After a long wait, Rankings are finally released! (You must be logged in for the link to work.) As an organizer, you can click the links of your own SUs to see your detailed evaluations, scores and comments from your participants.

15th of July 2019

Participants - when you have finished your SU, please finish your evaluation in the participant's portal or here. (You must be logged in for the link to work.)

1st of June 2019

Organizers - please fill in your SU's final programme, compulsory sessions and objectives on the link provided in the organizer's portal on the left menu.

29th of April 2019

First round selection results are published and Open Calls have begun!

18th of March 2019

The Summer University applications are open as of 18th March 2019, 13.00 CET. Apply now!

27th of February 2019

For dedicated promotional material for Summer University 2019 - Maps, Brochures, Booklets, Posters, Flyers, Stickers, Flag, Postcards, etc., please click here!

18th of February 2019

The Summer University List is now online!

15th of February 2019

Additional booklet released - the Fundraising Booklet!

21st of January 2019

The Summer University submissions are now closed. Thank you for all your submissions! We will review and provide feedback to all the organizers very soon. You will be able to edit further details about your Summer Universities shortly thereafter.

14th of January 2019

Do not forget to register your Outgoing Responsible by 28th January 2019, 13.00 CET!

10th of December 2018

When logged in as an organizer i.e. board member of your local, you can submit and see your SU(s) here! If you are not a board member, please ask your board to add you as a SU coordinator board member on the intranet.

8th of December 2018

Start of submission period! Submit your SU until 21nd of January, 13.00 CET! You can find booklets here:

6th of December 2018

See the Summer University 2019 timeline here!

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