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Promo Materials

On this page, we will present you all materials you can image to promote Summer Universities!

We would like to bring to your attention that to ensure a uniform representation, it is compulsory to include the Summer University logo (either minimal of the full version) on all materials, excluding t-shirts.

AEGEE Visual Identity

Please keep in mind that AEGEE has an official Visual Identity that needs to be followed.

A short wrap up:

  • Use the AEGEE logo in ONE colour: Blue, Black or White.
  • There is a dash between AEGEE-Cityname, and AEGEE is always in capitals.
  • If you use any colours, stick to the ones in the manual.
  • If you don't know what font to use, use Open Sans.

Check the Visual Identity 2.0 Manual

Summer University Visual Identity

In addition to the AEGEE Visual Identity, the Summer University project has its own Visual Identity that must be followed by organizing locals in the scope of their Summer University.

The following points cover the SU VI:

  • Use SU fonts - Bebas Neue, Wolf in the City, or Open Sans.
  • SU logo must be in blue and yellow, otherwise single coloured, ideally white or black.
  • SU VI colours are the same blue and yellow from the the SU logo.
  • AEGEE VI colours can be used too.
  • SU & AEGEE logos to be used at ALL times, preferrably in the same ONE colour, ideally white or black.

Find all the relevant download links in the next section.

Help us!

If you translate any file to your language, please upload it here again, and we will provide it for all others! Less work for all! Of course, you can also send us an e-mail.