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AEGEEus Myth: the beginning (from Athens to Crete)

Organized by AEGEE-Athina

AEGEEus Myth: the beginning (from Athens to Crete) Profile Picture
Crete island of Greece combinates wild beauty, idyllic landscapes and rich history!

Could you escape if you were trapped in a labyrinth while a Minotaur was chasing you ?

Do you want to show off your "Greek syrtaki” dancing skills at a local festival?

Have you ever tasted “Cretan dakos" salad along with “feta” cheese and virgin olive oil?

Are you sitting in front of your computer and all you can dream of is how great it would be if you were lying on the sandy beaches of Crete under the golden sun ?

Then, if you fancy a taste of these idyllic experiences, don’t hesitate! Try our TSU ! The Greek island of Crete is the perfect place for you!

General Information:

From: Saturday, July 20th
To: Saturday, August 3rd
Starts in: Athens
Ends in: Heraklion
Type: Travelling Summer University info_outline
Thematic categories: History and Local Culture / Arts, Creativity and Cooking
Fee: 252€ info_outline
25 Friends
Accomodation: hostel, gym, camping
Confirmation: Send copy of the ticket AND pay 100% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 40€
Used for: Cruise in Balos or Elafonisi
Alternative: Leisure at the beach
Language: English, Greek
Special equipment needed: sleeping bag, mattress, sunglasses, hat, training shoes, flip flops, towels (for beach and shower), sun cream, sunglasses, swimsuit.
Suited for disabled people: No


Exploring the Greek LabyRhythm through the culture and history