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Discover Your SUtory

Organized by AEGEE-Eskişehir

Discover Your SUtory Profile Picture
Do you want a summer like paradise? Do you want a summer unforgetable? Do you want to take magical photos which everyone desires? Do you wonder about some other cultures? Well, it’s your lucky day! AEGEE Eskişehir is back to Discover Your SUtory!
- Famous young city: Eskişehir, - The charming nature: Ayvalık, - White beauty: Denizli, - The best beaches in Turkey: Antalya.. Hard to choose? You don't have to.
We will offer you that exploring Turkish Culture, raising awareness about GREEN with workshops, taking photos, which you can crate your own SUtory, at fantastic places in 4 different cities.
We want to remember this summer for rest of our lives with 25 new friends.
Don’t waste your time, Come to Eskişehir!

General Information:

From: Friday, July 5th
To: Friday, July 19th
Starts in: Eskişehir
Ends in: Antalya
Type: Travelling Summer University info_outline
Thematic categories: Green SU / History and Local Culture
Fee: 196€ info_outline
25 Friends
Accomodation: GYM, Hostel, Tent
Confirmation: Pay 100% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 30€
Used for: Turkish bath, rafting
Alternative: Beach time, free time
Language: English
Special equipment needed: Sleeping Bag, Sun Cream, Swimming Suit, Beach Towels
Suited for disabled people: No


Learn about GREEN with effective workshops. Turkey recognize the chance to explore the culture and exploring, pull your own photos of the green nature Turkey.


Phone: +90 531 287 78 65

Our ideal participant:

  • AEGEE Spirit?
  • Meeting New People?
  • Exploring Natural and Historical Beauties?
  • Taking Photographs?
  • Camping in Nature?
  • Curious about Various Cultures?
  • Swimming?
  • Beach Games under the Sunshine?
  • Parties???
  • If you are interested in any of these, CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to our SUtory! You are the ideal participant for this ADVENTURE!!


  • Diving and Boat Tour
  • Rafting
  • Camping
  • Turkish Bath
  • Hiking
  • Travertens Tour
  • Turkish Barbecue
  • Ancient City Tours
  • Green Workshop: Sustainibility
  • Photography Workshop
  • Beach Activities
  • European Night
  • Turkish Culture Workshops
  • Picnic
  • Museums tours
  • City games
  • Pub crawl
  • Cunda Island Tour
  • Parties

Course Information:

Course level: Beginner
Course given by: Local trainers
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


Eskişehir is a young city. Almost half of population of Eskişehir consists of students because of three preferred universities by students. That’s why Eskişehir has a another name which is “City of Students”. Besides, Eskişehir is one of the most modern cities in Turkey which can keep historical places at the same time and the city is choosen the most safe city in Turkey and the most 12th city in the world. In additional, the city has another properties like artful streets, statues and walls with graffitis, but there is most important thing for us… FABULOUS NIGHTLIFE!


Ayvalık is a peaceful little paradise, beach town. Ayvalık has a famous underwater beauties. There is a island which is called Cunda. It is a tourism center with fish restaurants, historical streets and houses and natural beauties. Name of Ayvalık comes from “Kidonia” which means “Quince” in antique ages. In addition, according to a legend, Zeus has a foster-mother (Ida) in old ages. One day, fearing she might harm Zeus, Ida fired the devil. It is believed that this devil is 3-legged and believed that his footprints were on the around islands of Ayvalık and stil believed that the devil will visit the small town. You may see the devil, if you are lucky…


Denizli is a city that attracts attention with its incredible historical cultural heritage that includes the ruins of the ancient cities of Hiearepolis, Tripolis and Laoidikeia. Name of city is “With the sea” in Turkish but there is someting funny because there is no sea in Denizli… Despite that, Denizli is a thermal area with many hot water springs for its world-famous travertines protected by UNESCO. These spring waters have been used especially in the area of health since ancient times...


Antalya is the most beautiful place in Turkey. The clean sea and the green nature attract the attention of everyone. In addition the inner warming sun and the famous beach, Konyaaltı is the best address for the summer holiday. Waterfalls, yacht tours, Toros mountains, castles.. Antalya in southern Turkey. You can see the palm trees on every street and you can see people floating in the skate on the beach. The longest beach in the world is located in Antalya, about 7 miles long. There are many small villages and towns around. All of them are just a 1-2 hour away from the city. The international airport is just 25 minutes away from the city center. You can easily go with by bus or service. Antalya is hosting many cultures. Greek Colonies, The Helenistic Kingdom, The Hittite Civilization, The Byzantine Cİvilization, The Ottoman State, The Selçuk State.. When discussing Greek mythology , you can see the structures of the Ottomon Empire. If you love nature trips you can do mountain trekking in Olympos and then you can swim the sea to cool off. In the meantime Olympos is the real place of mythology . Believe me you will love to look at the sea from the mountains.