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Transsiberian DREAM vol. 11

Organized by AEGEE-Moskva

Transsiberian DREAM vol. 11 Profile Picture
The most challenging SU is calling you! 11th year in a row it's taking the riskiest participants all over the biggest country on the planet. Together we cover 9288 kilometers of the longest railway in the world. Transsiberian journey makes you DREAM BIG and realize the dreams. Crossing Russia from Moscow to Vladivostok, changing the time zones, moving from Europe to Asia, from the West to the East you will experience the real Russian culture, it's greatest cities of Moscow, Kazan, Vladivostok and the breathtaking nature of the Baikal Lake. You will find yourself in the middle of nowhere, try to know the mystery of the Russian soul and change yourself beyond all limits. You will never be the same person once you get TRANSSIBED! Choo-choo!

General Information:

From: Friday, August 2nd
To: Wednesday, August 21st
Starts in: Moscow
Ends in: Vladivostok
Type: Travelling Summer University info_outline
Thematic categories: History and Local Culture / Training
Fee: 620€ info_outline
35 Friends
Accomodation: Hostels, Gym, Tents
Confirmation: Send copy of the ticket AND pay 100% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 40€
Used for: Trip to Olkhon
Alternative: Hiking, water attractions on the lake
Language: English
Special equipment needed: Tourist backpack (NO SUITCASES), Sleeping bag, Passport valid 3-6 months after the event (check all the requirements of the Russian embassy for your country)
Suited for disabled people: No


Develop yourself and find out how to lead a sustainable lifestyle and take care of your mental health in a global world while getting acquainted with multicultural modern Russia in a journey of a lifetime following the original route of Transsiberian Railway.


Phone: +79265312048

Our ideal participant:

    The real survivor, full of AEGEE-spirit, open for the new adventures and ready to survive 20 days of the most intensive program full of cultural activities, long train rides and many interactive sessions in various locations. The one who is full of positive energy and restless spirit even with no sleep and the backpack behind his shoulders.


  • Opening the new decade of Transsiberian DREAM
  • Activities on sustainability
  • Activities on self-development
  • Crossing Europe-Asia border
  • More than 100 hours on train
  • National culture workshops (dance, language, cuisine and so on)
  • Swimming in Baikal lake
  • Trip to Olkhon Island
  • City tours
  • City-rally
  • Hiking
  • Bike tour
  • Metro tour
  • Russian banya (sauna)
  • Bonfire party
  • Thematic parties in every city
  • Closing ceremony

Course Information:

Course level: Intermediate
Course given by: High-quality trainers and speakers, both from AEGEE and beyond. The Content Team consists of AEGEE-Academy members and external trainers who will deliver the сontent on Sustainability and Youth Development. AEGEE-Moskva is also able to provide with high-quality speakers and trainers on different occasions.
Equipment: Beamer, laptop and all materials will be arranged by organizers, but there will be no single-use printed materials, all of them will be reused or recycled
Supported by University: Yes

Join the Summer University and visit:


The beautiful capital of the biggest country in the world. It is the ancient center of the Russian state with a history going back many centuries. You will see the Kremlin, Red Square and all of the famous things with your own eyes. Nowadays the city is an extraordinary metropolis of over 16 million inhabitants. This city reminds a small country, totally different from Russia outside its borders. Life never stops here. You probably heard that Moscow (as well as AEGEE-Moskva) never sleeps. Just follow the heartbeat of the city and its famous nightlife!
Moscow is the zero point of the Transsiberian railway and here the journey of your life begins!


Kazan is the capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. This city is Russian «Third Capital». City of two religions. Muslims and Christians have lived here for many centuries in peace and harmony. And because of that, the city is an example of tolerance and respect to different nations. We will visit the highlights of Kazan, such as the Kazan Kremlin and The Qolşärif Mosque and, of course, taste a lot of local Tatar food.

Lake Baikal + Olkhon Island

Lake Baikal (which is appr. 25 million years old!) is the world’s oldest and largest freshwater lake by volume in the world. The lake, which is sometimes called “Blue Eye of Siberia” or “Pearl of Siberia”, is also one of the cleanest surface water reservoirs and you can drink water right from the lake. Baikal area has always been a holy place of Asia and is full of legends and mysteries. Local folks call it God Baikal and treat it as a living and wise creature. Many people consider it to be their power place. You will learn more about this breath-taking and never-ceasing-to-amaze place and get acquainted with the Buryat culture during your stay there.
You will also have a chance to go to one of the biggest lake islands - Olkhon - and if you are lucky enough - even to meet one of the mysterious local shamans.


Vladivostok - the city located in the extreme south of the Russian Far East - is the main port and naval base of Russia. When you leave the train after the longest train-ride ever - you will at once feel the pulse of the city. Here the air is saturated with sea and salt. Here is the final stop of the Great Trans-Siberian railway road, the longest railway line in the world. Here, after 9288 kilometers behind, you will feel the world is much bigger than it seemed before.